Thursday, June 19, 2008

THE CRUSADES - by dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - Day 9

This is my last word on Woods, of the Tiger variety, I was astounded to read that TW played the US Open with an ACL injury - anterior cruciate ligament, AND multiple stress fractures. Now, I'm aware of the pain involved, I see these things in the gym and the physiotherapy practice, so I'm astounded that he played in the first place with those kind of injuries, much less won the darn thing.

I'm not saying it was a clever thing to do, because he's now had to take the rest of the year off, but man his drive, and level of commitment is unbelievable.

As for me....I did my 4+ km fartlek (speedplay) walk yesterday and had fun. I can feel myself getting stronger every time I go out. Lower body work today.

I had a post comment today asking me if "You are always so chipper" which made me think about it...
"am I"...honestly.

Well now let's see ...
Firstly, I'm exeedingly grateful that by God's grace I am alive, Miracles do happen.
Secondly, I'm exeedingly grateful to able to go walkabout.
Thirdly, I'm exeedingly grateful that I had comprehensive medical insurance since this thing so far has cost around R400 000, thats about $60 000 US.
Fourth I'm exeedingly grateful that I had a fantastic young trainer to step into my business seamlessly, and clients that were prepared to train with him, so my financial fallout for that business is minimal.
Fifth, I'm exeedingly grateful that my property investment business is running on it's own with minimal input from me.
Sixth, I'm exeedingly grateful that my girlfriend was prepared to change her whole life to nurse me back to health (we do not live together so it was a major adjustment for her and her children)
Seventh, I'm exeedingly grateful to discover that I have a heck of a lot more friends who care about me than I thought I did,
Eighth, I'm exeedingly grateful to all my shredder friends for wondering where I was when I disapeared off the planet and asking.
Ninth, I'm exeedingly grateful that I AM able to take recovery time at home.
Tenth, I'm exeedingly grateful that my Faith allows me to know in my know in my know that I will come back better than ever before and be able to encourage thousands of people to health and fitness WITH YOUR HELP.

I could go on all day but I know you've got things to do so.......

Am I always so chipper....well, yes, I guess I am.



Marbella said...

Hello Dougal,
I saw that post and I thought to myself that YES, you always are chipper, at least you make me feel better and *chippier* every post I read. I don´t think have ever known of anyone being so strong of will and mind as you, with drive to get back as well as you can. They say the mind does so much, and amigo, you´ve got that covered. Love seeing your posts daily and get my dose of wanting to do more and better. All Godspeed today Dougal. Take care.

dougal said...

G'morning my friend. As you read I have so many things that make me happy...I'm blessed. It's great to be able to give you something to read with your morning coffee. See ya tomorrow

Bob said...

...We are exeedingly grateful that (I don't know if it's him, chance or destiny) God kept you alive on this earth Dougal. We bless U


dougal said...

Hey Bob, thank you...well that's just made my day..keeeewl.

Mike Groom said...

Dougal, you got me thinking that we are not usually that grateful (I'm generalising here). I see people every day who are rude, impatient, self-absorbed... I could go on. Someone asked me today, "how come you're always happy?" They were shocked when I said, "What's not to be happy about?. I have a great life, family, job, health & lots of great friends (especially my shredder-friends). Why wouldn't I be happy?".

We are truly blessed to be living! Why can't people make the most of their time on Earth?

So, Dougal I am very thankful that the Universe decided to keep you with us, so we can share these happy moments of our lives.

Keep up the walking and the workouts and especially keep up the great attitude.


dougal said...

You see MG, you get it...You're the kinda guy I like to hang around with. Everybody has a whole bunch of things to be grateful for...they just need to do a little digging. I've got no time for dream stealers.

Shari Kraft said...

I am grateful for:
Dougal, Mike, Lynda, Adam, Lilla, Suzette, CeeKaye, Debbie, Jamie.

I am grateful that I have choices
I am grateful for challenges
I am grateful I live in the U.S
I am grateful for my life experiences

I am grateful for another day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for expounding on my little comment of yesterday on "are you always so chipper"? The thought came from seeing your gleaming smile. When I say your picture I thought you are truly a happy man (genuinely) and I thought to ask... are you always so chipper... because I truly find it amazing. I wasn't being trite or sarcastic I REALLY wanted to know and I am glad I asked. ~best

missprissy said...

pps the reason I post anon is because I am not signed onto my blog and it is not up and running yet 100%. When I get it going I will comment with an identity. =D

julie8430 said...

Hitting the nail directly on the head once again, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Mr. Dougal the Trainer from South Africa with the titanium neck! Honestly, this little neck ordeal :) seems to have honed your senses, focused your perspective and kicked my ass. I hereby solemnly swear not to take this stuff for granted. Even though today didn't go quite like I'd planned. Thanks for posting and leading us all to higher ground. -Julie

Michael said...

Dougal, your post today is inspirational. You are awesome mate. I am with Mike when he says that there are so many rude and thoughtless people in the world. I am impressed when someone is grateful and that's kind of sad. Gratefulness should be the norm not the exception. We all have so much to be grateful for. I am personally grateful that you are still alive after your horrific accident. I am humbled that you were inspired by me and lifting after back surgery. I am grateful for every single shredder friend I have. Life will never be the same.

dougal said...

Shari, thank you for your input...and I bet that's without even thinking about it.

Anonymous..I never thought for one second you were being trite or sarcastic. In fact I'm grateful that you madse me think about it.

Julie, than you, says dougal, bowing and blushing. Taking life for granted is sure not an option for me.

Michael, thanks Buddy. Look where you were and where you are now. Unbelievable...of course you inspire me. said...

Great post Dougal. You've made me thank about all the abundance in my life and things to be grateful for.