Sunday, June 8, 2008


The surgeons said that my upper body strength was a major contributing factor to my still being on the planet. NOW we all know for SURE that regularly spending time in the gym is the right thing to do.

I was healing nicely and it was time to airlift me back to my home in Johannesburg. Arrangements were made and I found myself back in an ambulance and on my way to the Port Elizabeth airport.

Lying in a stretcher in the middle of a commercial airliner is akin to David Blaine and his goldfish bowl stunt. Everyone stares at you, trussed like a chicken, as they walk past, clucking in sympathy for their perception of my plight. They had removed six seats in order to fit me in.

A shot of morphine and the trip was a breeze... we landed in JHB two hours later and after another ambulance trip I was hapily esconced in a private ward at Sandton Clinic.

My JHB nuerosurgeon came to see me and ordered some blood work to be done. He returned the next day with shocking news.

You have Septacaemia...we are going to have to operate you up and scrub the infection out.

Yipee, something else to look forward to.

Part 5 tomorrow



Marbella said...

Your tale of woe just gets worse and worse. Good grief Dougal, what a long, bad rash of luck. You can´t imagine the times have thought of you and your travail, and the times have wished you good luck from now on. You are a master story-teller tho, so promise that you´ll do much more with your gift of writing. Now to get better! All Godspeed.

Mike Groom said...

I'm glad there is a reasonable ending at the end of all this. :)

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Dougal, I just got caught up on your story. Writing can be really therapeutic, and you're really great at it. That picture was so frightening, and I just can't imagine the stress you and your family must be undergoing. Your survival is such a testament to your FITNESS. Beyond looking great or other stuff like that, there's a real, tangible HEALTH and LIFE benefits that has come from you taking such great care of yourself. God has a message and has chosen an amazing man to deliver it. I hear it loud and clear. I really hope you're not in too much pain. Much love to you and your family from me and mine.

Anonymous said...

OMG unbelievable to read your blog post as you were just going off to vaca and bam the major unutterable change in your life and blog enteries since. My prayers and thoughts are going to be with you as you navigate through all of this trauma. Your story is already an inspiration and I am sure that God has BIG plans for you in your healing and the healing of others as you go forward in this walk of determination and sheer faith you are getting ready to walk into. IT will test you to the breadth and width of the universe, it will stretch you beyond description but you WILL come out on the other side of this a changed, new and better man. Godspeed for your healing, from our lips to Gods ears.

dougal said...

Lynda, thank you for your heartfelt sympathy, you are a good friend.

Thank you Mike. I am learning all orts of new skills. Can't wait to get back to the weight room.

Christy you are absolutely right..getting my story onto paper, so to speak, has really been cathartic for me and reminded me of the place God has in my life.

Anon, thank you for the visit. A friend of mine jokingly said "If God kept you alive through this maybe he wants you to lead His forces into Armageddon."