Friday, June 27, 2008

THE CRUSADES - by dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - Day 16

I got nothing.

Normally what I want to share with you, usually pops into my head at some stage the day before, and kinda takes shape as the day goes on, in my mind, so by the time I am ready to put quill to parchmant, so to speak, I know exactly what it is that I want to say.

Today I got nothing.

Well actually that's not strictly true....I wanted to give credit to my special girl for voluntarily turning her own life upside down over the last 4 weeks, actually 8 weeks, but we both have the same mobile phone and she took mine....and so...I hear you say.

Well mine has all the pics on it that I wanted to use to illustrate and support my story.

Let me say this though, my girl, has had bronchitis, her young son has Pneumonia and here I am whining about the special attention I need ALL the time..."Well I do have a broken neck you know." "I am in terrible agony you know". Girls stop that...I can see you doing that thing where you roll your eyes to the ceiling. Been there, done that have you.

One of her friends actually asked her the other day "How's that hospital you're running at home working out for you then"

A bit tough when you are the nurse and the patient.

Actually we have butted heads a few times but nothing like the running of the bulls at pamplona or the bison on the plains of Texas. Just gentle hints at me pulling my weight around the house.

Actually I think I've probably played the sympathy card long enough. Apart from the continual excrutiating pain across my shoulders. The guy with the vice around the back of my head. The little guy sticking a red hot poker into my neck and up through the top of my head every two minutes... oh and my Darth Vader collar 24 hour a day, which by the way, has little children sprinting for the exit in shopping centres, there's actually nothing wrong with me.

Waiting for a table at crowded but very popular "in" coffee shops is a breeze. I simply pull my beany way down on my head and do my best Darth Vader voila. The best seat in the place is instantly available.
I don't think, however, that management is too impressed that the rest of the place has emptied as well....all for the bill for a strawberry/mango juice and a blueberry muffin, and a latte for my girl. I mean, c'mon dude, I had to break my neck to get in here after all.

Yup, not much wrong with me.

So on this crisp, beautiful, sunny day in South Africa with frost lying white on the I said....

I got nothing.


Meredith said...

Dougal, I love your posts each included. Your posts are always thought provoking, and I usually google something you wrote about right after I read your post to gain better understanding. Today,I just liked the fact that you shared a little bit of what's going with you...since you don't usually talk about the pain in your neck or how it impacts other's in your was nice to get a small're "nothing" was something.

dougal said...

Thank you Meredith. Something quite fun came out of nothing today. In fact there is never nothing and there is always something. Brush away the dirt and you may find a diamond underneath. Thank you my friend for taking time to read my posts.

Shari Kraft said...'re a big goober!!! I think you're starting to feel frisky again. Yes, I did roll my eyes..You know Men are such big babies! LOL!!! My favorite quote: can't live with 'em, but you just can't shoot 'em. Hugs, big D.

Andrew said...

Hey Bud,

You may have nothing to say even though that was a lot of nothing but you have lots and I know you know this. Hope things are still improving for you, I still can't even begin to think of the frustration and pain you are in. Hope you have a great weekend and manage to enjoy your family.

Take care,


dougal said...

Yeah yeah whatever Shari...hehehe, ain't life great. we need each other kid.

Andrew, hey dude, nah I'm cool, you have an awesome weekend too my friend.

Marbella said...

It´s midnight here in Madrid, and just now getting to your blog, my only one to visit today. Too much going on. Can truly say that reading about you and your life and perils, is such a highlight. Always love seeing how you live, about your girl, what you do, and all. So good to see into your life, but don´t like the idea of all your pain...but guess that´s part of it all. So good to have considering the many alternatives you could have had. I say this so far away and with no pain of my own...but we do appreciate you so much and all of us get so much out of every little word you write. Hope your girl´s family gets better. She´s that big diamond you talked about, and you just found her. Take care today Dougal. I have a feeling that all will go well in a special way. Have a good weekend.

Michael said...

Dougal, extremely funny and honest post. I loved it. Thanks for being "real" :-)

dougal said...

Hey Lynda, I appreciate you making the effort to pop in so late. Thank you. I think the pain is necessary right now to remind me of what happened, how precious my life is and not to go too hard. I think? I still have lots of wonderful going on and I look forward to every day.

Michael, dude, didn't think I was a comic didya! Thanks I had fun writitng it.