Wednesday, June 18, 2008

THE CRUSADES - by dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - Day 8

Going to start a new walk routine today. Based on traditional running programmes I'm going to do 1 x fartlek (swedish term for speed play) session, 1 x speed session and 1 x distance session per week. I will continue my 3.5k route for speed, add a 4+k route for fartlek and a 5k route for distance and we'll see how that goes.

I know my friends and family and people I know will say "you are pushing too hard" but....that's the only way I know. Heck how do you think I got in this position in the first place.

Every time my girlfriend (who is 14 years younger than I am) tells her friends or people that she knows about my accident they ALWAYS say "What was he doing surfing at his age." Her retort is "hang on a minute, you don't know this guy."

Excuse me....what are people OF MY AGE doing to get healthy and fit WATCHING sports on TV...c'mon.

Age is a chronological number, what difference does it make how old you are...if you see something that interests you "get off the couch and get fit enough to participate." You'll change your life forever.

That comment really cracks me up. "what is he doing surfing at his age" as they take another drag on their smoke and another sip of their beer, with Nike's that are only worn by another trip to the fridge.

The world needs more shredders...join the Crusade. LET'S GET HEALTHY.


Mike Groom said...

hah! I had an uncle that told me that lifting weights wasn't really something you can do as a hobby in your "later" years. I laugh at that sort of comment. What do they expect? A game of lawn bowls and a skin full of beer?

Marbella said...

Hi Dougal...buenas días to you. Learned a lot from you today, and can see how dedicated you are to getting better and getting into good physical shape again. Loved the info about FARTLEK, and found this for everyone to check it out more
I had never heard about it, but would be good for my *Walking* routine. Am not a runner. Not one now in that I fell flat on my nose the last time I tried not too long ago, so now it´s walking. You are really firing us all up with your strength. Thank God we´ve got DOUGAL!

Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

I'm back from my travels so I can catch up on your blog, although aussie Mike was kindly copying your blog into my blog comments so that I could read while I was away.

That is some ride that you've been on but I am glad you are back and working towards your recovery.

Your blog today was right on the money. I played non-stop footbal with one of my kids for 30 minutes at the weekend and was not even out of breath. Would have been very differnet a couple of years ago.

You gotta keep doing what you love, and love what you do!! Keep up those great walks and that amazing positive outlook on life.

All the best mate and take care,


dougal said...

Andrew, hey bud, glad to see you're back..appreciate you popping in. Fitness is wonderful, it gives you so many options..playing football with your kids being one of them. Much better than saying "come and WATCH with me on thwe telly"

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Dougal you're so right. I was a couch potato my whole life and had a "minor" injury in comparison to yours. I was only 33 when I had my accident, but I re-injured three times during my rehab, because I didn't have a base level of fitness like you do. The sixty-something lady in the pool rehabbing for her hip replacement literally swam circles around me. I watch your progress in total awe. Chronological age has NOTHING to do with it. I learned that one the hard way. :) Those who don't believe you, can take it from somebody who is on the other side of the spectrum--The 36-year old with the spine of someone who is seventy. But not for long. :)

Shari Kraft said...

So just WHAT are we supposed to do at our age??? When I was younger, women weren't allowed in the weight rooms. We didn't play sports--except for volleyball and badminton. fun! So now that I'm older, I'm not supposed to be lifting weights?? If not now, WHEN!!! Haven't people read the studies about resistance training and aging? DUH...

Shari Kraft said... said FART-lek.....thought you were passing gas when you were running!! LOL!!

Debbie said...

"That comment really cracks me up. "what is he doing surfing at his age" as they take another drag on their smoke and another sip of their beer, with Nike's that are only worn by another trip to the fridge."

I couldn't have said it better myself, Dougal. Who's sexier, anyway? The man who spends time in front of the TV or in the gym?

Michael said...

Dougal, those are the people who cost society a ton of money later in life. They have the wrong attitude all the way. People like you and all of us shredders have the right attitude. We are doing what it takes to get and stay healthy. I had back surgery 4 years ago and was told by one doctor never to lift weights. My neurosurgeon (who lifted as a hobby) told me I should lift if I wanted to, but to learn the form of each exercise and do everything correctly. I took his advice and have a fantastic hobby that also benefits me and everyone in my family. You rock!

dougal said...

Christy, you'll never give up. Day by day persistance is all you need.As you say the fantastic thing about health and fitness is that you CAN reverse your physiological ageing. You go girl

Shari, you're such a hoot. I bet everybody crowds round you at parties waiting for something funny.Humour is the best medicine

Hey Deb, no contest. I suppose at least the TV dude keeps moving. Back and forth to the fridge. LOL

Michael, before my accident you were my inspiration, training successfully having had back surgery...and pushing a ton of weight. Thank goodness for the neurosurgeon. Keep up the good work online you are becoming a legend.

dougal said...

Michael...I NEVER take my age into consideration when thinking about doing something new. Why would I need to.

Lynda,am really glad you learned something new...and glad to be of service to you..and everybody really.

Anonymous said...

ppps: I meant not signed in with my other blog the fitness blog. I didn't mean to comment with my crafty blog. Sorry...