Tuesday, June 17, 2008

THE CRUSADES - by dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - Day 7

Just to prove - I DO STILL HAVE A NECK. It looks a bit dodgy and it is bionic...but it's still mine.

Like I said, Woods will win the US Open. If you havn't read yesterday's post. I said that Woods would not lose even if Mediate played great.
I'm not being arrogant when I say....and this is my opinion....mine only....Woods never believed he would lose and Mediate never believed he could win....and Mediate did play great. He is a really likeable guy, but Woods has had way more "mind" practice than anyone on the planet and "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he".....say no more.

Onto what's on my mind today.

I believe...to be happy we need to be serving others...unconditionally....now that means "what can I do to help .....fill in the dots. What can I,I,I do.....not, how can I change the other person. You're on a hiding to nothing with that philosophy. You can only change yourself....that is the only thing that you have control over. If that all sound convoluted let me simplify.

If you work with someone who in your opinion is not doing their job, you can try all you like you will never change their attitude until you change yours.

Again let me use Tiger Woods as an example. Tiger Woods could care less about his opposition... he is tooooo busy being the absolute best he can be. Result, top class professional golfers are upping their game big time to try and catch him. Tiger has single handedly changed the aesthetic face of pro golf.

When Tiger is not playing, he is in the gym, when he's not in the gym he's practicing, when he's not practicing he's building a school for underpriveledged kids, or doing charity work or, or, or.

Those that care have started doing the same thing.....Those that don't are.....umm....John Daly.(don't get me wrong.I think he is a charitible guy, he just seems to be doing all he can to kill his career. He has as much talent as any of the guys on tour. In fact after a round Daly and the guys were having a beer when Woods came by wearing gym gear. Daly said something like "The gym again Tiger" Tiger replied " John, if I had your talent I wouldn't have to") Woods is the epitome of a pro golfer...He looks like an athlete, he moves like an athlete, he is articulate, he always says the right things....I'm pretty sure that Jack ....the greatest golfer that ever played the game, would have been in the gym if he had been playing in Tigers era and I'm sure that Arnie would have given up smoking.

Apply all of the above to your personal life and I guarantee you the people around you will start to up their game....or...they will leave.

BE A ROLE MODEL FOR YOUR STAFF and your staff will die for you.

Take full responsibility for YOU. Work on making YOU the best you can be and others around you will come to the party.


Hi my name is Dougal, and I'm a health and fitness addict...
I hope you are too.


Mike Groom said...

you look very happy to have the brace off :)

People taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. We have a huge problem with students at our university not taking responsibility for their own learning. They want it hand fed! Can be very frustrating sometimes when they don't want to take the time to "learn". I thought that was what universities were for :)

dougal said...

Hey Mike, yeah we have the same problem. Everybody has their hand out. I think we make it worse by feeding the hand. You can only teach people how to fish if they want to learn.

Brace is only off couple minutes a day. I've got another month with it on.

Meredith said...

I like the picture and angle Dougal, very zen Buddhist monk....an all knowing look on your face.

I want you to know that I love checking out your site first thing when I wake up...as Jim Rohn says "It's vitamins for your mind." You always have a wonderful uplifting blog to start my day off right.

dougal said...

Meredith, I love the thought that I can be part of your day....cool.

Marbella said...

Another right on post Dougal. Love how you give us insight on how Tiger Woods, and you, work. Yes, I am an addict to fitness, and one that is trying to keep up with you.....

dougal said...

Thank you for your support Lynda, you spur me on. Let's set the world on fire for health and fitness.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Congrats on your progress!~ You inspire me!

julie8430 said...

You rock, my man. I thought of you yesterday watching Tiger concentrate. No excuses, just did his usual top notch job. Leave nothing to chance.

Congratulations on the free standing neck, even for a few minutes. liberation comes in many forms.

Juli said...

Hey Dougal,

hoe gaan dit in Zuid-Afrika? ;-).

Yes, I am just at the outside of the shredder-sphere-buddie-thingie but I check your blog every day as well and I am very inspired by your attitude and soul. You rock! Go on like this, thoughts, wishes dreams make the real big things becasue they fire you on to act. Don't care about what others think and look at yourself, make the best out of it and you do. Like the bumble-bee: physics told her that she is far too heavy to fly, but she trained and trained and trained until she flew around the nicest flowers. She and Tiger and you just do what it takes to follow a dream,a path. And you reach where you want to. With consistancy, spirit, attitude, discipline. I had a bad desease many years ago which taught me this lesson and I am actually very thankful for it.

Thank you for remembering me of working on myself to become the best I can be...and to be a role-model.

I will think of you when I talk to my stuff tomorrow.

Summer-greetings from Hamburg,


P.S.: You should play one day a golf-round with Tiger...or train with him in the gym.

Margaret2007 said...

You did it again Dougal...lit that fire under my most recent PRW! It's really been my focus for about the last week and THANK GOODNESS, because life situations are happening left and right that REQUIRE IT!

I really enjoy your heartfelt and positive writings...

Shari Kraft said...

Look at you! Love the pic! I "get" the Buddhist Monk thing that Meredith mentioned! How funny.

I agree that we should take every chance to serve each other...I just think our whole world would be a better place if people would take time to "love" one another! I don't want to sound like a bleeding heart...but geez...this is basic stuff people!

I am proud to say that I taught my kids how to be self reliant and responsible people. They range in age from 19 to 30. I see so many young people that have a give a shit attitude. It frankly pisses me off--How's the saying go? "Be a good example or a horrible warning! LOL!!

B said...

Hey Dougal , I just dropped by after along time and wow haven't you been up to some serious stuff of late .
I wish you well on this road to recovery.

dougal said...

D, Thank you, if what I write helps you to get fitter and stronger then...I'm proud of YOU.

Hey Julie...a free standing neck, you are so funny. What a reat saying "liberation comes in many forms..BTW, You also rock. What you've done fires me up.

Juli, ek is baai mooi vandag, en jou.
Baai danke vir die post...Thank you for popping in, and for all your great comments. Boy would I love to play golf with Tiger.
Please come back.

Shari, Hey how're you. Yep you got it...bottom line..love works better than "could care less" every time, and trust me I'm no less a man having that attitude.

Bec, hey, great to see you..Yup, had a tough time but I'm getting through it with positive action. Thank you

Anonymous said...

r u always this chipper? I can't believe how positive you are.

dougal said...

Hey, thanks for visiting...Today's post is just for you.