Friday, July 4, 2008

THE CRUSADES - by dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - Day 22


To all my American readers, Happy holiday, enjoy whatever it is that you have planned for today.

Sometime today, stop for a second and think about what it means. America declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Why? because America wanted to be responsible for its own future. To be seperated from the nation it felt was holding them back.

Why don't you today, apply that to your own life. Make a commitment to seperate from people that hold you back. Dream Stealers, nay sayers, average people who are not content with their lot but don't have the courage to forge ahead and make a new way for themselves.

Don't let them drag you down. Perhaps, rather pull them up....or let them go.

Determine, on this historic day, to forge a NEW way for yourself. A way filled with HOPE, JOY, LOVE, DETERMINATION, SPIRIT, good old fashioned GUTS, and a damned good PLAN.


juli gets happy said...

Nice post, thank you for sharing your thoughts... are you today? Any progress in your healing?



dougal said...

Hey Juli, I feel fantastic. Have started a new full body stretching/flexability routine as well as my walking so my progress is as it should be. Thank you.

Larry said...

Great post Dougal. It definitely resonates with me. How many times have I been sabotaged by well meaning friends who end up derailing my plan - especially when it deals with food in a social setting. We need to have the courage to stand on our convictions and keep our course. Maybe they will be inspired and be moved to action themselves. I've thought that maybe they don't want us to succeed because it shines a light on their own inaction/failure.

As they say - move with the movers and shake with the shakers.

Thanks for the encouragement.

dougal said...

Yeah Larry I think it applies to all of us in some form. Then when we win the game we set for ourselves they say "We were lucky"
You are so right, hang around with the people you want to be like.

Michael said...


OK buddy, I am serious. How are we going to work together to convert these millions of people in the world? Dude, I'm totally serious. I'm pumped up the past few weeks. I feel like a champion, I'm talking like a champion, thinking like a champion and working out like a champion, so let's both hit the world like champions. You overcame a HUGE injury and are here to tell about it. God has something in mind for you my friend...that's obvious to me. Let's chat/email about this.

Marbella said...

Thanx Dougal for making my 4th even better. It´s a private party of 1 over here in Spain, but it´s always special for me. Love what you suggested and thank you for your insight.

Have you had your plastic surgery? Did I miss it? Are you still doing OK? Is your pain less?

Wondering how you really are....

dougal said...

Michael - budster, works for me, I'll leave my mail addy on your site

Lynda, Lynda, Lynda, I promise I am loving life. I wouldn't lie to you. Plastic surgery I think next week.