Tuesday, July 8, 2008

THE CRUSADES - by dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - Day 26

Today is a milestone for me.

Although I have been walking and doing a flexibility routine daily, and don't get me wrong, that has been a valuable rung on the ladder, to day is the day that what I have been doing has prepared me for.


My neurosurgeon...that's right Carl...has given me the go ahead, my coach, trainer, friend, across the pond in the USA, has given me my program and it is with exitement and anticipation and no trepidation whatsoever that I trip along to the gym like a young girl skipping out to pick strawberries with nary a care in the world.....well, not quite but you know what I mean.

I will be doing one set of each body part with girly weights....take a valium all you feminists.... and I can't weight, sorry wait.

The music as you walk in the door, the vibe inside the weight room, lying on the bench with that wonderful feeling of anticipation as I put my hands on the steel and just take in that old familiar feeling. I know that my eyes will fill with tears as I quietly thank God that I'm still able to do this.

Visualise, take the weight off the rack hold it above my chest for a few seconds, lower it it till it touches my chest and lift it again with a 3/3 cadence.

I'm Back.

Shouldn't YOU be too.


roadmaptosuccess said...

That's wonderful news Dougal...am so happy for you. Good luck at the gym!

dougal said...

Many thanks M, it went well..I'll report back tomorrow

Larry said...

Great News! I bet you'll even enjoy any DOMS. It is obvious the Lord is not finished with you.

Mike Groom said...

Dougal, it must be awesome to be back in the gym again!

dougal said...

Mike, man you have no idea. I will write my post on it tomorrow.

dougal said...

Mike, man you have no idea. I will write my post on it tomorrow.

Andrew said...

Hey Dougal,

Congrats mate, fantastic milestone, so glad you are mending slowly and getting to return to the tings you love doing.

Take care mate,


Michael said...

Dougal, I'm so excited for you bud! I emailed you. Let's do this man!

juli gets happy said...

You ROCK, Dougal.
Fantastic news!

dougal said...

Thanks guys for the good wishes. Had a rad time, check out the post.

CeeKaye said...

Hi Dougal,

I've not commented in such a long time. And i must say your spirit and stamina, kicking the ass of dire straights - a TKO - is the best inspiration for people who have been stressed by thier lives...thanks for being such a Super-hero Shredder!!! I am in admiration of you, and hope to emulate your " go-getter" attitude.

With warmest regards,