Wednesday, July 16, 2008

THE CRUSADES - by dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - 2nd 28 day | Day 5

My hand is poised above the paper. The pen within it quivers, a blob of bright blue ink gets ready to drip, unless I apply the pen to the paper and write something.

Got it, I'll write a poem. Inspired by Yeats, and Keats, Browning and Gehrig...oh no sorry he was a baseball player wasn't he, albeit with a tragic story.

Ah yes, Lou Gehrig and "The Babe", hero's of a bygone era, role models for thousands of american kids. Well there was no TIVO in those days what did we know from Gehrig and Ruth, or even baseball for that matter. Here in Africa we played rugby and cricket, which by the way has been called "baseball on valium".

The role models these days are Barry Bonds, the monsters from WWF, giant bodybuilders like multi Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman, and those incredible athletes who spend three weeks at 100% riding 3500kms in the Tour de France.

Isn't it a shame though that that the kids of today revere those who have attained glory through illegal means, drugs if you will. Isn't it sad that major athletes of today pay over a major part of their earnings to their chemist.

The summer Olympic Games are around the corner and billions of people will be passionately watching their hero compete for glory only to have their adoration shattered when this or that superstar tests positive for Anabolic Steroids and is ordered to return his medal.

It's a shame to think that some of those kids themselves will succumb to the lure of the filthy "so called elixer of life", all in the name of narcissism.

Play your part and be a role model to your own children, for isn't it so much better to stand straight and tall, lean and strong one year from now, looking into the mirror, and be able to say. "I'm a natural."


juli gets happy said...

You are so right, Dougal.

be an example and be natural, that is all what matters.

If you look at the Tour de France: The guy who wins a leg today might be discovered to be a doping-criminal tomorrow. Mr- SUPER-TROUPER-Muscle-man or woman (I am shivering!) looks more like a little "ninja-turtle" and is filled with steroids which -if they were sold in the market - could buy a house. And for what? For fame.Cheap fame. A role model means to me something different: A life with rules, values, (self-)love, (self-)dignity. And fun, ;-).

Be natural. Be yourself, no matter what!

Thank you for this great post.

dougal said...

Thank you Juli, great comments. Inegrity is not the name of a new steroid.

Mike Groom said...

you have been posting some really thoughtful posts Dougal! much food for thought.

Carlos said...

I have been a drug-free athlete for life.
And even though it didn't get my face on the cover of Time. I still bacame a world champion- yes it took some time, but I have no regrets, I wouldn't trade the journey I have been on for a short cut to disaster. I am actaully stronger in some exercises now at almost 60 than I was at 32 and just crowned Natural Mr. USA.
It takes character and courage to do things with integrity. Someone once said, "There is no right way to do a wrong thing". Great post.

dougal said...

Thank you Mike really appreciate your support.

Carlos, I consider it an honour not only for you to visit but to comment on my blog. Thank you. Clearly you will "get" the content since you are a world champion and a lifetime Natural athlete. I wish kids would realise that one of the side effects of steroids is PREMATURE DEATH.Thanks again Carlos, please keep commenting.

Margaret2007 said...

I was just talking to someone yesterday describing my role-model: My 90 yr old grandmother! Some of my earliest memories of sleepovers at Grandma's was waking up early to find her already awake and exercising in the living room. She's always been focused on fitness and good nutrition and I'm so grateful to have her as a role-model instead of someone who "cheats" the system with drugs!
Great post as usual Dougal. Keep 'em coming!


dougal said...

Margaret, what a fantastic role model for you to that's what I'm talking about. Thank you for commenting

Marbella said...

Love your blog today. Talking about the Tour de France cyling race tho is sad. I lived thru the eras of Indurain and Armstrong, and they are truly strong if not strongest athletes. What the problem is that we force them to do almost impossible feats by climbing those mountains, racing so fast and long, and day after day. Maybe it´s the public asking for more and more that causes them to fall prey. How can they do it all, survive, win and be outstanding? We expect the impossible. Poor guys. They are trying....just hope that it all works out OK this year. One Spaniard has already been caught.

dougal said...

Yes, I think you are right, we do demand a lot, bt they are professionals and they have a choice. BTW I'm really "Teed" off about the spaniard, he is racing for Barloworld a South African team. Grrrrrrrr!

Shari Kraft said...

Dang Dou-gy. Thoughtful post today. My son is my role model. I am going to be strong and healthy because I think of him everyday and the challenges he is facing in the service. My father was a high school football, basketball, baseball coach. You had better NOT be juicing if you were on his team! The boys on his team were clean cut, all American boys. This stuff just never was a part of their lives. It makes me sick that the media makes "hints" that athletes like Dara Torres are using performance enhancing drugs. She has always openly said, "TEST, me". She is a great role model for young women AND men.

I heard on the news today that Barry Bonds has been rebuffed by all 30 baseball teams in the league. Good! Maybe that will be a lesson to him and anyone else!

dougal said...

Shari, drugs are just not an option..the question for me is "How do we get to natural?"

Shari Kraft said...

Good Question. You KNOW that guys ( I say guys but mean both sexes) are exposed to this stuff in high school, then college sports. I don't's just sad that the pressure is so intense for them to use this stuff.