Friday, July 11, 2008

THE CRUSADES | dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - 2nd 28 day shred | Day 1

Just been to the plastic surgeon. He seems to think that the hole in the back of my head is healing just fine and won't need plastic surgery. 2nd opinion next week

Now...NEW 28 day goals
  1. 6 clean meals per day + 8 glasses of water 6 days per week
  2. 3 walks per week building up to 20kms per week.
  3. 3 weight training sessions per week building up to 3 sets per bodypart or 100% compliance with my coach.
  4. Back to training clients in my own gym by end July.
  5. Buy a new car with park distance control (my limited mobility is a problem)
  6. Move back to my own house and start taking care of my self. I think my girl has had enough.
  7. Blog every day.


Marbella said...

Love all your To-Do List, and would love to do all that myself. You are really a Strong Man my Dougal. One to be copied and in awe of. Do take care. Take it as it comes. And congrats for the no plastic surgery! That´s a big one!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like great news from the plastic surgeon, congrats!

juli gets happy said...

Wow, it would be the greatest if you wouldn't need a new surgery. I am holding thumbs for the second opinion.

You will make it to your goals in the next 28 days! I know that.

julie8430 said...

Good goals. I think I will bone mine up too. I began another 6 week adventure today - did the best lifting I've ever done today - I'd like to spend the next 6 weeks pulling it together a little tighter. Thanks for the inspiration.
"The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time."

Michael said...

Dougal those are great goals my friend. I am sure you will accomplish them all. I will be here pushing you along the way.

dougal said...

Lynda, Meredith,Juli, very happy about the surgery thing. It's going to be fine.

Julie, love the elephant thing. Right, one day at a time. Look forward to seeing what your 6 week adventure looks like

Michael, thanks to you this week.

Mike Groom said...

A great list of goals Dougal!

dougal said...

Thanks mate