Friday, July 25, 2008

THE CRUSADES - by dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - 2nd 28 day | Day 14

pre op (hole)
Post op (hole gone)...well sorta Mark, the supercool young 'nip'n tuck' dude says to me "Here's how it's going to work.
Option 1. Straight pulling together of the hole, stitch it up, job done.

Option 2. Cut the back of your scalp to allow some room to move and then sew up a flap and close the hole, job done.

Option 3. Skin graft. Piece off the inside of your thigh stitch it over the hole nip'n tuck, job done.

" My reply, "Mark, I do not want a skin graft."

He gave me his quote and that meant more surgery since I had fallen down on the back of my head when I saw how much it was.. this made it worse. "Don't worry" he says "I already factored in extra money for the fall, this happens all the time"............... Ya think. :-)

Right, now that's out of the way I got booked into the hotel...ugh, hospital and settled back to wait.

Couple of hours later, I was wheeled up to surgery where I was given some pre med which knocked me out like a light before I even went into theatre.

Two hours after that I was back in the ward feeling very groggy and super thirsty from the Intubation pipes. (Those things they stick down your throat to help you breath. They do it all the time in ER)

My old friend Mr Morphine helped to get rid of the pain completely and off I went to sleep.

Actually it wasn't a bad experience, I made some new friends, wandered around the wards offering soothing words of encouragement to other inmates.

When I was checking out an oriental couple came to ask me for directions in Japanese and I couldn't understand why until I looked in the mirrow and saw that the skin at the back of my head was too tight and I had a kind of sideway's face lift. Tight eyes and all. ;-) . Minority group watchdogs, take a valium.

Couple of days in hospital is actually good for introspection and I found myself thanking God once again for the fact that I was mobile, happy and healthy.

Good job Doc.

Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes I appreciate all of them and...they worked.

My brace is finally off and I have sprinted over the last hurdle. I'm done.

One week of no exercise and then I'm back....Can't wait coach.


Margaret2007 said...

Halfway around the world, I've been thinking about you and praying for you Dougal...

BTW, you made me chuckle with your story about the couple asking for directions...Haven't lost your sense of humor!

Heal quickly and completely!

dougal said...

Hey Margaret, thank you so much. God heard you coz I'm just fine and dandy.

kylepalm13 said...

hey dougs -good work my man. Only upwards from now on!

dougal said...

Hey Kylie, here starts Part II.

Marbella said...

Good Grief Dougal...that photo just about knocked me down too. Didn´t expect it to be quite so *tiny*. May I say you have been thru heck and back, so now it´s time for some fun. So glad it´s all over for you, and the good life will begin again. Glad you got thru it all intact. You do know that all of us were quite worried?

Meredith said...

Hey Dougle, my heart goes out to you. The picture makes your head seems so painful, and I feel really bad for you. I know that you are strong and have a great attitude and will get through this with shining colors. Am wishing you speedy healing!

juli gets happy said...

Hey Dougal,

I am happy that the surgery went well, they are always so risky,

I hope you manage the pain and that your gf loves the scar, ;-).