Monday, July 7, 2008

THE CRUSADES - by dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - Day 25

What did the neurosurgeon say?

The hole in the back of my head, which by the way will never grow hair again hmmm, maybe a shredders Tattoo!!!, is healing beautifully but will never cover with strong enough skin.

This means a skin graft of nice thick strong skin or a "pull" from both sides of the wound which will cover it with strong healthy skin.

One way or another after more next week I'm done.

Sometimes I can be a real "wally" and it's funny how pain can sometimes manage to stop us from looking completely stupid.

My lady had a meeting whilst I was with the Doctor and I would have had to wait a while for her to collect me. Soooo, I decided the walk home wouldn't be a bad thing and I set off for home.

Only problem is it's about 25kms (15miles). Now I'm an ex triathlete and have run many marathons and ultra marathons so this was, in my mind, going to be a breeze.

After about 8kms I started realising this wasn't such fun and then that little voice said quietly "hey, aren't you recovering from double major surgery." Oh gee, yes I forgot.

At around that time I was the pain. I was wearing slip on mocasin type shoes which were never for Nike's distribution plan as a running shoe.

So, I had, whilst meditating along the way managed to acquire two beaut blisters on the back of each foot.

Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that if I brought my VERY stubborn streak into play and continued to walk, sorry... limp, I might not be walking anywhere for a while after another 15kms with blisters, that were already hurting.

I stopped, took a deep breath, calmed myself down, meditated for half an hour to get into the right frame of mind, said a couple dozen Ommmms with my thumb and forefinger circled neatly round to touch each other, took another deep breath and quickly before I changed my mind....phoned my girl and said. "OK, I'm done, please collect me."

"Sure" she said and before I knew it I was sitting on the front porch overlooking the valley drinking a mint julip.. Actually it was a protein shake and an orange.

My feet are fine and will be good to go for tomorrow's walk...with running shoes this time.

Oh...By the far are you going tomorrow.

And...from the couch to the fridge 6 times, unfortunately does NOT count. Even if you were wearing Nike's.


juli gets happy said...

Dougal, you are SOOOO funny. I screamed when I read your post.
Jy sal nie in die straat van Zuid Afrika stappe nie...YOU are brave (in many cases!).

Didn't your girl give you a "preach" when she picked you up? Thank God we have cell-phones nowadays.

I am happy when the last surgeries of yours are over and you can heal completely, heal and say "good bye" to this horror story.

I am thinking of you,


dougal said...

Juli, she did give me a "preach" but that's never stopped me before.
Yup, horror story nearly done.