Monday, July 28, 2008

THE CRUSADES - by dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - 2nd 28 day | Day 17

Spent yesterday moving back to my own place. Although my girl has looked after me beautifully it is extremely liberating to have the freedom I have in my own place. I just feel like.....I'm home.

First day back at work today. Trained 4 clients this morning. Had to do things differently. More explaining and less doing. I'll get it after a while.

Everybody in my gym was surprised to see me looking so well. Maybe they expected a walking corpse.

Right now I'm pretty whacked so I'm going to chill until this afternoon when I'll look after another 4 clients.

All in all I'm feeling great though.

See you tomorrow.


Larry said...

You have such a great attitude. Glad you are home. Take a deep breath and be at ease. Have a great week.

dougal said...

thanks Larry, you are a great support for me.

dougal said...

thanks Larry, you are a great support for me.

dougal said...

thanks Larry, you are a great support for me.

juli gets happy said...

Hey Dougal,

I love your attitude. Welcome home and welcome back to work, must be a nice feeling to be back to every day life.

You are great,


P.S.: To uncover the "little secrets": I am a "hobby"-South African, worked there a couple of years, my partner is South African and I speak as well Afrikaans, we are there a coupe of times in the year to visit the family (in law). ;-)

Meredith said...

Hey Dougal, I'll bet your clients are so thrilled to have you back again! Welcome back home.

Marbella said...

Yea! You have gotten things back together. Almost am impossible feat considering the obstacles you had to jump over. Many wouldn´t have done it near as well as you. Just hope you take it slow and easy and get the feel. Listen to your body, see how you do, how fast or how slow to take it, and keep on going forward. So proud of you for getting so far so fast.
Just are brace free, back to work, back in your own digs. Such blessings Dougal. You deserve them and more.

dougal said...

Juli, ahh, now I get it. A closet south african. Fantastic.

Meredith, it's great to see them again and to be back.

Lynda, thank you it's great to be operating at full speed, sorta. I'm super heathy compares to some poor people out there.