Thursday, March 26, 2009

M1 | Day 5

Above and Beyond

I got my schedule a bit messed up and had to do some re arranging. Didn't affect up my compliance at all but as I stepped onto the treadmill I had a choice. Do I do the 18min program or the 24 min program..normally I would have been satisfied with the 18 min thingy but I stopped and badly do I want to achieve my goals..The answer was really badly so I opted for the 24 min number......yoo hoo, big time victory.

This program of Adam's is really teaching me to question the voice in my head and then make a conscious decision.

A fantastic by product of getting into shape.

I really am seeing things differently from the way I've viewed them before...perhaps because I've made a commitment to a new lifestyle...or perhaps because I left all my brains on the operating table ;-) is a positive thing and it is something I can take with me to all areas of my life.

I have always been aware of visualisation and affirmations but now I am really making them work for me. C'mon dougal you can go further, faster,higher than ever before, you can, C'mon..and before you know it you are actually exceeding your expections.

And...when your expections become your comfort zone, man have you got the game whipped. Big Time.

Day 5... total compliance since day 1 ........100%

"The way back" Day 4

Massive action | Massive results

I will achieve a minimum compliance rate of 90% on my pre-determined training and nutrition and plan.
I will complete the single daily actions that produce results.
I will burn my bridges and not look back.
I will never surrender


Carlos said...

I don't think you left any of your brains on the operating table. But I do wonder if your intense experiences have caused a type of cognitive acceleration, to where all that you have known when combined with what you are now learning has made it all become congruant and synergistic to produce a fast forward effect.

dougal said...

Carlos, I really like that theory...if you don't mind I'm going to take and run with it...whooo hoooo.