Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Module 2 complete.

Introspection is a funny thing. Well, not really funny but it forces you to wake up to reality and if you are totally honest it will reveal stuff in your life that will change the way you are forever.

I've just completed the PRW module of RTP - TS and uncovered a whole lot of things that I had never thought of before that have held me back. The pleasure PRW's are also exciting enough to keep propelling me forward.

It's actually exiting to think that at any stage of your existence you can change the way you think about and action things in the blink of an aye. The past is gone, the future is your choice...from now.

I've got all my pain and pleasure PRW's on my PDA so that I can internalise them at any time as well as my visualisation picture which I think is very important. I will be looking at them very often.

Looking forward to module 3 tomorrow.

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