Monday, March 23, 2009

M1 | Day 2

"The way back"
Day Two

Massive action Massive results

Day one successfully completed. It was not without it's challenges on day one however. It was Karen's birthday yesterday and I said I would cook dinner and give her a break from the kids etc. (actually it was so I could control what I ate...he he he ...evil laugh.)

So what did we have...a superb piece of fillet steak, fresh asparagus, baby potatoes and a delicious fresh garden salad. All cool.

She loved it, so did I, so, it was all good.

My weight training went exceptionally well and I left the gym feeling like I had given it 100%.

So day one down...roll on day two.


I will achieve a minimum compliance rate of 90% on my pre-determined training and nutrition and plan,I will complete the single daily actionsthat produce results,I will burn my bridges and not look back,I will never surrender


giarc006 said...

Your off to a great start Dougal, I love your cooking dinner gig, sneaky South African eh? Since my wife's from Cape Town I think I might try the same trick....Honey I'm cooking dinner tomorrow night, just for you! he,he,he (evil Aussie Laugh..)

dougal said...

Thanks mate, if I am a sneaky South African, then your wife is too so.... she might see through any plans you might have ha ha. You got lucky, she's from CT...she must be gorgeous. Thanks for popping in man, keep visiting.