Monday, March 2, 2009

The road less travelled

Watching the Australians give South Africa a hiding at cricket (to you Americans that's Baseball on valium) reminded me that you can't win em all.

What you can do is keep playing the game. That's what life is...a game. We are supposed to have fun. It is not supposed to be one long drag.

How do we do that...Like professional sportsman we must find something to do that will make us happy. Our passion...Our calling.

We won't win every game but when we lose, we sulk for a while...that's OK, but then we get up gather strength and courage and carry on. Get better at what we do, learn new skills, practice them, start winning again

Kinda like health and fitness...we are going to fall over from time to time...probably often actually but we don't have to stay down. We have only lost when we don't get up and for all of thus that is only as far as...the next healthy meal or...the next workout. That's all it is.

Just keep on moving forward and one, our goal is just around the next corner.

We are all winners until....we decide to lose.

Please don't let that happen to you.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. baseball on valium.. oh! now I get it!.. good post Mr. Dougal. Celina

dougal said...

Thanks Celina, happy that I made you laugh...and thanks for visiting, come back soon.