Friday, March 27, 2009

M1 | Day 6

Nearly the end of week one - unbelievable

"The way back" Day 4

Massive action Massive results

Saturday and I'm off to watch my boy play hockey...oh yes Under 14A team for his school at a big hockey festival. Oh and did I mention that he won a bronze medal in the South African Championships 2 weeks ago for rowing....oh and did I mention that my daughter is her school house captain....did I, oh did I mention all that already, oh did I....well if I did just in case you forgot.

Get a hold of yourself Dougal you are going a bit overboard here. Sorry guys, all you parents out there will understand my feelings, I just love them so much and I'm so proud of them.

Well have a wonderful weekend....Karens birthday, so it's a party at the big house tonight...looking forward to it, not at all fazed...will just schedule a 'free' meal and done deal.

See ya tomorrow.

I will achieve a minimum compliance rate of 90% on my pre-determined training and nutrition and plan.
I will complete the single daily actions that produce results.
I will burn my bridges and not look back.
I will never surrender


Adam Waters said...

Have a great day watching your boy play hockey mate! And congratulations on both your children's sporting achievements, they must take after their Dad!

dougal said...

Thanks Adam for popping in and thanks for the congrats...yeah I am super proud of them, they are both doing great....