Sunday, July 12, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 71

Glass tanks are ....FOR FISH

As I think about what to write I am looking at a whole bunch of fish swimming around in a tank.

Are they happy...well obviously I have no idea, but it strikes me that if I were to be contained like they are I would slowly die. Mentally, emotionally and physically.

Why then do we confine ourselves. And I can hear you saying "Speak for yourself" but the fact is..part of the cause of obesityis inactivity.

Life just gets in the way. Get up in the morning...sort out the kids, get them off to school, get in the car go to the building where we work, sit on our butts all day filing meaningless reports for the insurance company we work for. Get up go to the vending machine..grab a java to keep us awake and a pack of m & m's coz they taste good. Pack up our desk at 5, and sit in the car for half an hour driving home....of course stopping at Mickey D, for take out. Head home tell the kids to help themselves and head for the couch...where 4 hours later we fall asleep until 2am whereupon we head for bed.

Hit repeat x 5 days and....our week is done.

Cynical maybe....but them's the facts. Of course not for us...but there may have been a time when this vaguely resembled you...or me.

Why oh why then, do we look out of the window at the beautiful blue sky, smell the fresh air, are surrounded by walking, running,cycling trails, lakes, trees and exercise areas and parks.

I think it's because it's easier and we get lazy...our only contribution to exercise is to don our brand new nike's when we settle down to watch monday night football, or F1 qualifying or rugby.

Getting and staying fit is hard...let's not kid ourselves and some people hate it, is a no brainer to say that it is not only necessary but critical to good health and productive longevity... and, whilst there are more fat people on this planet than there are starving people's fantastic that WE in the sphere are doing something about that ourselves and in so doing become passive role models for those out there who havn't yet found 'The Shreddersphere'....our home.

And for those out there who don't exercise...Get off the couch....couches are for dogs.

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