Tuesday, July 28, 2009

M2 | SIX PACK | Day 43


I have decided not to reveal my secrets to the competition....the girls, Saraaaaaaaaaah! and Sharon, the mad woman Sex Goddess are making great progress and I felt it better not to scare them off by revealing my astounding progress.

So....until I am ready to "show" I am going to put the project under wraps.

I have just returned from the gym....my cardio Hiit, and abs day and I'm happy to reveal that "The Beast" came out to play again.

Oooh I am so loving this. Training like a Madman, eating like the world class athlete that I am and resting like a Queen....well maybe a Prince rather.

Mental attitude of a giant and the laser like focused stare on my goal....and day by day I get closer.

Nothing will get in my way.

Nothing will upset my equalibrium and focus

Nothing will change my attitude....

The attitude of a winner.....

who knows HOW to overcome anything that gets in my way.

That's my daily self talk.....How's yours.

Peace out

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