Wednesday, July 1, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 59

Just start writing.

When in doubt about what to write, my advice to myself is...just start writing and that's precisely what I'm doing today.

What is important to me today....what can I do today, now, to act as be champion.

I can....train as if my life depended upon it
I can...think champions thoughts throughout the day
I can ensure super clean eating throughout the day
I can be responsible for my own feelings and not let circumstances dictate how I feel
I can...think about how I can help shredders keep going in order to hit their goals
I can visualise and imagine all the things happening to me that would happen to a champion
I can analyse negative thoughts, turn them into positives and move on

So these are some of the things I can do today that will help me focus on my goals...all of them, not just here.

See...thinking is a critical part of wisdom...Thinking helps sort out the rubbish from the good stuff..Thinking helps get to grips with tricky issues, thinking solves problems but sometimes letting go brings solutions as well.

I've often lain in bed at night before going to sleep and wondered about a problem that I have no answer for and I will awake in the morning with the solution right in front of me. It's uncanny how that happens.

Think about ways to be better at what you are doing and make a note of them...Act on them and you'll find that each day you become better and better and more of a champion.

Imagine how incredible you will be one year from now.


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