Thursday, July 30, 2009

M2 | SIX PACK | Day 45

We are not judged by what we begin, but by what we accomplish. Even by ourselves.
Every time we begin something with great expectation and do not complete it we erode our self image and self belief.

Every time this happens a little bit of us gets left behind along with the project we have just abandoned.

And...over time our self image diminishes to the point......where we find ourselves....right here right NOW.

Isn't that funny. I don't mean ha ha funny I mean in an enigmatic kinda way. The reason every one of us starts or started THIS program is because we were unhappy about the way we looked and felt and it was affecting our entire being. Our way of operating, our interaction with others, our feelings for ourselves. Until we get to this point where we say... this far and no further. Last stop before we hit the wilderness.

Well I was driving home last night in the dark from the gym and I was suddenly aware of all the lights that seemed to be so much more intense than usual and that was because for me...there was a message.

The traffic lights.... red, green, amber....the vehicle lights, bright, searing, flashing wildly, those lights that are immediately in your face as a vehicle turns a corner and heads towards you " A veritable cacophany of lights " in your face and your head continuously all the way home. ( and yes I know what cacophany means, I just like the descriptive nature of the phrase because it is almost as if you are invaded by the sounds as well)

Then...Bam....I suddenly got what it was telling me. DO NOT BE DISTRACTED FROM YOUR MISSION BY EVERYTHING GOING ON AROUND YOU.

Now if this resonates with you, cool, if it doesn't, grunt and move on to the next blog....but there are people reading this that are having that problem right now...don't know who you are but....keep your focus. If you feel that it's all getting too much...go sit in a quiet place and remember where you are and why you are doing this. FOR YOU, and what's INSIDE of you.

This may be your last chance. If not this.....then what.

You absolutely can do it, you can achieve your just need to get out of night traffic for a while.. know what I mean.

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