Friday, July 3, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 61

Funny how time seems to race

With 20 something days to go, it seems that time is just getting quicker and quicker...for me anyway...and that's cool coz every day is fun and I'm enjoying life to the max.

Challenges, I have a few, but that just makes life interesting and even with those what's the point of tramping around the planet if we are not going to enjoy it.

Something else that's so important is to own a sense of humour. Everyone has one but some peoole hide it away in the closet and only bring it out for special occasions.

One of those who doesn't is my friend Gloria Jean. She is both talented and funny and reading her blogs and looking at her graphic interpretation of stuff is both hilarious and eye raising at the same time...I mean she is SMART.

So today is dedicated to Gloria Jean....thank you for making us laugh and thank you for helping us find our sense of humour when things aren't so funny.


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