Saturday, July 4, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 62

Can you imagine what a great place the world would be if we put as much into supporting others as we do within this safe place. The 'Sphere"

I personally spend a lot of time here because I want to help people get and stay healthy. I enjoy it...I love interacting with you all and I have made special friends here.

It is the most amazing thing, that we can develop bonds with others that we may not be able to create on the outside.

Why is that? Is it because this is so safe or is it because we don't have time in the real world. Or is it because we all serve a common purpose in here which is what ties us together.

It is no secret that I believe that part of the medicine that we take in here is giving to others and helping them to find offering valid advice to others we learn...thus the old learn something well teach it. People asking questions for which we have no immediate answers are easily solved by '' Doogling " it.....sorry " Googling" it....(a weak attempt at humour)

The interesting thing fo me is also the different personalities all with similar but different goals. In other words we all want to get healthy but to differing degrees and within different time frames.

For some the contest is everything....FOR NOW....and I'm one of 20 days though it will all be different and new Missions will be inscribed in stone.

For others, the contest is not important and finding your way in a slower more forgiving fashion is the order of the day.

Both modus operandi are absolutely fine and as long as you are doing what works for you, then good and well.

I think problems arise when you take on something that doesn't fit with you and this causes internal friction. Our personalites do not resonate with what we are tring to do and we start rebelling against what we ourselves have put in place.

This outwardly manifests in what sometimes apprear to be 'dream stealers' within the 'sphere' but I don't believe that to be true.

My personal belief is that every single person in here is supportive to differing degrees and when a seemingly controversial comment is made on a blog it is made with the best intentions in the world.

If we are secure enough withing ourselves and we are being true to our PRW's nothing said here should cause doubt in our minds or unease in our hearts for ultimately we are all here for the same reasons.

These are my personal views and I mean them with love since I know personally that whatever I write in here and whatever comments I post on the blogs of other are meant with the best intentions in the world.

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