Friday, July 10, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 69

Are you tweaking the plan?

I remember years ago when I started the BFL program, I used to spend a lot of time in the offices of EAS, sponsors of BFL, generally making a nuisance of myself and soaking up as much information as I could about bodybuilding since that is what we are all really doing.

Doesn't mean you are trying to be Arnold, just means that you are building your body.

So....even then I used to listen to the EAS experts talking to people who were asking if it would be beneficial to add this or take away that, or this many more reps and so on.

This was a major source of frustration for the guys and girls because the Body-for-Life program was born out of years and years of nutrition and training experience by seasoned competitive bodybuilders and make no mistake Bill Pillips knows what he's talking about.

I mean hundreds of thousands of people have been through the program as is...and it works. Simple.

Why, because there are basic fundamentals that apply to everyone on the planet...big, small, male and female.

The same applied to RTP-TS.....Adam Waters like Bill Philips has perfected his program over time and experience...and there are enough variables to make sure that it will suit everyone from the very fat to the very thin and everyone in between.

Further to you honestly think that the program would be endorsed by the likes of Tom Venuto and Carlos DeJesus if they felt it was fundamentally deficient...hardly.

So.....most of us in the 'Sphere' are inexperienced lifters and unskilled in the art of a 'nutritionally correct' eating plan.

Why we suddenly become experts and start playing with the system. How can we think we know better.

Contest aside...the first 12 weeks is critical to our learning experience and I believe should be the book. Thereafter I also believe that one should have enough knowledge..just, to start making changes that suit you.

Although it doesn't end there. The RTP program will have continual changes to suit any bodytype and any building or cutting goal making it the most versatile program I have ever seen.

With Tom Venuto and BFFM as back up...Wow, what a win.

Research, read articles, check out success stories, learn as much as you can....but for the first 12 weeks or 84 days....hey, don't tweak the system.

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