Thursday, September 10, 2009

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How thin is too thin.

I don't often have clients who tell me that they are too thin but I was recently talking to a 'client'
who has made a remarkable transformation and is looking amazing.

She tells me that more and more friends and acquaintences are telling her that she is too thin and she's going to fade away.

I've thought about this quite often and in depth...I even had a client a while ago, who after she got to where she was looking really good...starting putting on weight again..I had coffee with her and what came out was that she was afraid of being approached by men. Something in her childhood.

So I have often thought about the phsycology of telling someone they are too thin.

I mean...How do they know. Well perhaps they may see some before and after photographs or even see the person on the beach but still...what is too thin? Because there is a radical change doesn't necessarily mean that this girl is too just means she is wayyy 'LEANER' than she was before and may not conform to the image of the pefect body of the person dispensing the advice.

I think it is also a way of people saying 'You look great' but in a different way.

This girl is highly intelligent and I know that she knows when to stop. Bodyfat below about 13% on a girl is probably about the limit if she is not competing....I mean Pam Brown competed at 5% which is dangerous for a girl....but this girl is looking phenominal and is not too thin. She is lean and muscular which is where she wanted to be when she started her journey, but she is not quite there yet in her eyes...and after all hers are the most important actually.

She wants to stay the course and continue until she reaches her original goal and it's only going to make her look better...not thinner.

I have advised her to reach her goal first and then re look at what she wants from there.

I think people need to take care with the words they use....that old adage of 'Sticks and stones'
is a lie....and words most certainly CAN hurt you.


Margaret2007 said...

Another challenge, for some of us, is that we have body dysmorphia...a real psychological challenge that doesn't allow us to "see" how our body's appearance is correctly. Even at my highest weight of nearly 300 lbs, I had NO IDEA what I looked like. Of course, I avoided pix like the plague so would be SHOCKED when I saw my appearance...So that sets us up to take other's comments particularly to heart...At this point in life, I have to rely on the scale and measurements to observe changes.

All the best,

dougal said...

Hi Miss M...great to see you. That's why I take daily pics...they keep me real.

Kai said...

I learned to stop listening to others' opinions. Jealous friends will always be jealous!

dougal said...

Hey Kai, thanks for popping in. My question is...are jealous friends..really friends that you would want to keep?