Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It is so easy to get sidetracked and off course....for me anyway and I have realised that having a mission does not guarantee getting a result....well it does but it may not be the one you want.

I have learned a few things over the last 155 days of blocking...I am still not and never will be 'superhuman'

If I want to get the results I am looking for I need to focus very clearly on my desired outcome.
And for me...that goes for whatever I am looking to achieve.

I sat with a friend and business partner in a coffee bar meeting after training this morning discussing this very issue. We decided that we needed to try and meet every day if only for the time it takes to drink a double espresso otherwise our acountability tends to slide with all the things that have to be done in a day.

Wow...wonder where I learned that. I have 13 days to run for mission 2 and I have to say I am VERY disapointed with myself.

I actually don't think I have progressed past where I was on the final day of the contest.

Why is that....Because my accountability is not as critical as it was for the contest.

No this may not be you but it is me....and it's time to pull my socks up and get this train moving down the track so hard that the momentum won't allow it to stop.

Fortunately I have not gone backwards so I can legimately claim that I'm still winning the game...to myself of course and I absolutely will not allow myself to backslide.

I am inspired by people like Saraaaaaaah who has made very large strides towards her goal of a six pack since the NYC summit and that impresses and motivates me greatly....and pushes me forward.

Out of respect for Saraaaaaah and Sharon I commit the rest of my M2 and SHRED2SHRED mission to these two girls who have motivated me so much through there own achievement.

My comitment is also to Suzette who kicked this thing off....I owe you my best Suz...and be sure that is what all you girls will get from here on out...

Adam...respect to you too....I took it on...I will finish it.

And to the rest of the 'shreddersphere'....if you are not happy with what you are doing...find a way to fix it.


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