Thursday, September 3, 2009

M2 73 | SHRED2SHRED 13

I was reading an article yesterday about online business and the value of having a back up plan.

What do you do if things go wrong with you eating or training?

You have set your goals read the RTP program and got are very pleased with yourself, things are going well and all of a sudden you have a major problem.

You expected to go to the gym on the way home and then home for your 5th meal of the day.
The boss calls you in and before you know it your are working late at the office. That's gym gone and the canteen is closed.

You send out for the only food available, since you are now ravenous... a greasy burger, fries and a Coke light. No such thing as a super lean Mickey D's. Not that I know of anyway, havn't been near one of those for years.

I'm sure in one form or another this has happened to all of us.

So....why do you think we carry spare wheels in the trunk of our vehicles......what do you mean, 'Oh is there a spare in there?'

Just my may never need it but at least plan for a back up if it happens.

ALWAYS plan ahead. Where am I going to be tomorrow, what do I need to take in the way of food and the big question..."What will I do if things go wrong."

Food is easy to create a back up for.. Couple of serves of protein powder, a shaker, water and an apple or two will do the trick nicely but you may feel that the training part is not so easy.

Google 'resistance training without equipment' and you'll find you don't need a gym to complete your an emergency. Print out a copy of a suitable program, laminate it and stick it into your gym bag.

THERE ARE NO get off track, there is always a way...just plan ahead each only takes a minute or two.

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