Monday, September 28, 2009


The GIFT of adversity

A new week starts and I am fully 'amped' for fantastic progress.

My new training program is taking shape nicely and I am getting my head around less heavy weights now, so...all is good.

My eating is spot on and I'm looking forward to my best ever by christmas.

I am motivated...fully motivated, by accountability clients.. and day by day I am getting better and better.

There is always someone who is worse off than we are....we just don't realise it sometimes.

I heard this weekeend that my neurosurgeon Carle and his partner operated on a 5 year old boy who had a bad fall over the weekend and broke his neck at C1,C2,C3,C4........a hangmans fracture at C2....exactly the same as mine.

They did a full spinal fusion with titanium inserts ...exactly like mine. heart broke for the little guy. At least I had a lifetime of being physically active and playing a lot of sport before I broke mine. This little guy will never turn his head again....neither will I but...he is 5.

I am hopeful that research will find something that will help him as he gets older and I am very grateful that I am able to spend time in the gym and to walk outdoors but until then....he is going to learn how to be a very brave little fellow....and so are his parents and maybe...somewhere in a blessing.

It may sound trite but....learning how to overcome adversity is a gift. I think it is anyway.

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