Monday, September 14, 2009


From Orinary to EXTRAORDINARY in 61 days

I am one day away from the end of M2 and a day closer to the end of M3

All three shreds have been done back to back...I have taken no time off except for that prescribed by the program I'm on.

Did I achieve my goal for M2. ....N O T .

My M2 was called SIX PACK and as you can see I am still a way off that.

So....Dougs what happened. Well for one thing it shows me that you can take nothing for granted. Am I physically in good health? Limitations excluded...never healthier.

so let's ask again...what happened?

It's pretty obvious I think, that my commitment to my goal of having a full blown six pack was not a priority in my life....and I'm ashamed of that... Why take on something that you are not committed to.

Well, coz, it's easy to drift along in the tide of 'ordinary'....which is what I've done.

I DON'T WANT TO BE ORDINARY....I want to live an EXTRAORDINARY life and right now I am at the crossroads.....things that I want to become and things that will be left behind.

It is a time for courage....a time for far reaching decisions and a time for a fabulous future.

For me to be far as my health and fitness is concerned I need to achieve that ever elusive goal of ..."A FULL BLOWN SIX PACK."

I have 61 days left to achieve that goal and I believe I CAN ACHIEVE it. Step one done...Step 2 reevaluate my eating and training plan...Done....I'm sticking with what I am currently doing as I have faith in it.

ACTION and ACCOUNTABILITY are the two stones left that I might trip over. Action, in that it's easy to sort of eat the right meal and sort of do the right training. That changes now and ACCOUNTABILITY...the big one also changes now.

Who will I be accountable to....who will call me out of the line of 'ordinary's' and drag me into the 'extraordinary's.'

I hope a lot of you will...My friends, special friends and extra special friends, I hope will all contribute positively to my continued journey towards beating the lethargy of the 'ordinary'.

Extraordinary is a word I will silently affirm about 'me' for the rest of my life....and the more I affirm it the close I will get to living it, I am 61 days away.


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