Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My first day of being extraordinary

Yesterday I spoke about being extraordinary and my desire to achieve extraordinary things.

So this is day ONE of being extraordinary and my affirmation " I am an extraordinary individual and I have been given all the tools necessary to be whatever I want to be... each day I will take a step forward towards fullfilling all my hopes and dreams, for this is MY DESTINY."

How do I know that this is the right affirmation for me, well, because repeating this excites me and I can feel that familiar stirring inside me when I start a new project and this is a biggie.....the re development of me.

As I sit here I think how far down the road, and how different and renewed I will be in a year's time. Just physically, I will be completely different, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually I will be completely renewed, a metamorphises if you will.

Sounds like a huge change to make doesn't it.....well it isn't....if you re - read my affirmation you will see that all it will take is a minimum of ONE STEP a day, that's all....anybody can do that...can't they?

I'm going to set myself a reminder to revisit this post one year from today....and let's see where I am and how far I've come.

Why don't you come with me.

This is also day 84, the final day of my Mission Two and I'm so excited about Mission Three
that I nearly forgot all about it.

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