Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The Power of the mind is amazing.

Here in South Africa as the seasons turn so arrives 'Spring Day'. Just naming a day has a positive effect, collectively on the populace at large.

Smiles start appearing...jerseys disapearing, attitudes become more cheerful, friendly, kind and generally we humans become better people.

If the simple act of naming a day to coincide with the change of seasons changes lives, albeit until next winter, then how much more can we change our own lives if we simply determine to.

The coming winter in the Northern Hemisphere doesn't have to mean long faces and months of living in limbo until the next summer season arrives.

This season find something positive to do that will keep you occupied for the winter and see how your attitude will change.

Before you know it it'll be summer again and the sun will shine, the flowers will bloom and life will be wonderful.

A lot of things can happen in one season....People get divorced, people fall in love, people get married, children are born, and ALL of those things CAN have a positive spin if you so choose.

Don't let 'situations' get in the way of your happiness this coming season....make it work for you.

I am so greatful for what I have....and I'm grateful for all of you...Thank You

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