Monday, September 7, 2009

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I am an undeducated man....that doesn't mean however that I am unintelligent it just means that I failed dismally at school and left at age 15.

I don't consider that a disadvantage and I'm certainly not encouraging anyone to stop studying, it just means that I was not able to concentrate long enough in school to make meaningful inroads into what I needed to know for my written exams.

To my advantage it has forced me to think on my feet and become street wise and the biggest gift of all is my love of books.

I read every night before I go to sleep even if it's a page or two and whatever I know or have learned in the 43 years since I left school is because of...'BOOKS'.

These days learning is even easier with wikipedia and google and I am forever searching Google to understand or verify or learn more about something I have heard and want to learn more about.

No one has any excuse today to be ignorant about 'stuff' especially health and fitness and with RTP and access to Carlos we should all be up to speed about the best we can do for our bodies.

I heard a great expression a while back which has spurred me to learn more about EVERYTHING and that was "EXCELLENCE CAN BE FOUND ON THE TOP SHELF AND TO GET THERE YOU NEED TO STAND ON A STACK OF GOOD BOOKS."

So....this is the long way round for me to say.....learn as much as you can about your it, become familiar with your physiology, learn the basic principles of good nutrition and keep studying for the rest of your life. Teach your children...know what they should be your part in helping to beat obesity.


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Margaret2007 said...

I am amazed Dougal. Your manner of writing, and correct spelling (!), would have suggested higher education. I always loved reading and know that it's such a gift to have awareness outside of ourselves and our small worlds. Reading brings it all to us, wherever we are! Thanks for sharing...