Friday, September 4, 2009


It's just after 4am....I am about to head off to the gym....the world is mine at this time of the day. No one is around...people aren't even stirring yet. I love it.

I went to bed around 11.30pm so I havn't had much sleep and no I'm not trying to catch up with Saraaaaah, circumstances just made it so but I feel refreshed and full of energy.

Again, it's a state of mind that makes this a good time day..for me anyway. The weekend is here and my beloved Springboks play Australia again tomorrow to clinch the tri nations rugby trophy.

That really excites me and I can't wait.

I had a really good week of training and eating and as one of my clients says, I am really dialed in to my program now.

I spoke to a body builder in the gym yesterday who was educating me on the merits of changing programs from heavy to lighter higher rep training for a change to give his body a break.

Seems I'm not the only one.

So....enjoy the weekend and plan to have a really great training week.

Peace Out

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