Thursday, January 10, 2008


This beautiful lady is my major motivating factor. Supportive, encouraging and prepared to take risks with me. The perfect formula for success

You can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

I have a young protege working with me in my training business and we were talking this morning about how to pursuade people to get fit and reclaim their lives. Now, this kid trains hard eats well and looks great. Everybody tells him so but when he says.."you can too, come to the gym and we'll show you how", they all complain about how it'll cut into their social time.

It seems that the common denominator is - landing with a great big THUD at...rock bottom.

At some stage you will and when that happens getting in shape is simple. Not easy but simple.

It happened to me and all I can say is that, thanks to Adam I found my way back and am well on my way to the best shape of my life.

For those out there who are struggling, keep on searching for that one thing that will motivate you and "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." The rest will fall into place

It's not how many times you are knocked down, it's the getting up that makes you a hero.

My relationship has also helped me to keep on getting up. All my failed attempts were followed by..." I believe in you, I know you can do it." The question "Are you proud of me" followed by "I always have been." is the key.

Relationships are funny things. My girlfriend and I are very different. She, gregarious, regal, an absolute presence wherever she goes and I, an introvert, and a homebody...but the glue that binds us together is that our goals and dreams are identical and I believe that is the key. We are both risktakers who are committed to makng all our dreams come true.

If you combine someone who likes structure and the safety net of a salary together with with someone who is highly non risk averse but you are both party animals, you can see trouble coming a mile away.

Am back into the swing of training four days a week with two cardio days....and have been eating very clean, and apart from a little soreness am feeling fabulous.

Watch out for my future plans. TOMORROW.


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

You two make an awesome couple. I love seeing HAPPY couples. My social circle doesn't contain an abundance of healthy, positive, romantic relationships, so it's nice to see they exist in the world! I feel like I spotted an endangered species. :)

Although, it seems like there are quite a few happy couples in the shredder world. Nice to be in such good company.

I would have never pegged you as a homebody. You seem so 'bigger than life' to me.

Common denominator is rock bottom, eh? That holds true for me. Wish it didn't, but if that's what it took, I'll take it. Besides it's been up and up ever since, thanks to a lot of support from people and a little something bigger than me.

Glad you're back, Dougal.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Hi Dougal:Well said and so true! You gotta want it bad enough to do whatever it takes to get there.

dougal said...

Hey Guys thanks for visiting. Love to see you again. Homebody may just be overstating it a bit...let's say I'm not the party animal I used to be.

Yup - you got to do what it takes.

Marbella said...

Hi Dougal,
Love being able to comment on your site again. Welcome back! First, I want to congratulate you on picking such a Lovely Lady to be your partner! She´s so fabulous, so you too much be pretty fab. Wish you both all the happiness in the world. Do you both workout together? Does she like bodybuilding as you do? Second..I love your contract for your M2. Wish you luck and health to make it positive and get to your goals.

Third, thanks for your comments on my blog and your help. I need it all. But will say, that think have found the far anyway.

(and you really do look like a party animal...just a tame one for the time being...)


Anonymous said...

so glad to see you back in full force. i never picked you for an introvert. you seem to outspoken for that. having a supportive partner is a big plus! speaking of support, looking forward to your continued support toward the shredders!

dougal said...

Lynda, thank you for popping in. My girlfriend is very into health and fitness and has competed in 2 of our major races in South Africa a few times. Two Oceans (running) The Argus (cycle) She is also into bodybuilding but is lucky because at 6'1" she always looks very slim. got me, I am a big party animal when I want to be.

Suzette, introvert may be a bit of a stretch...I do a lot of public speaking etc but do like being home. Yup good to be back.