Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MISSION 2 | Week One | Day 2

I learned a BIG lesson AGAIN...
I am not as bullet proof as I thought I was. I am harshly reminded, that just when you think you are"The Bomb" you're not. A big smack on the back of the head brings you back to earth with a large bump.

I got to meal six last night feeling very self satisfied that the day had been completed in exemplory fashion. Trained hard, drank lots of water etc. I sat down to watch "Las Vegas"...love the show... when that little voice in my head said to me " You know that blueberry cheescake ice cream that you ate on sunday....well you know there is still some in the fridge." "Not interested" I told that voice..."Don't want it, it's not part of the plan, it'll keep till sunday."
"Yes but, you know a little piece would round off the day and....wouldn't really hurt...I mean you're so on top of things right now...you are the Bomb right ....c'mon."

Now I know from years of experience not to leave junk food in the house after sunday evening but no... I'm "The bomb", not me I'm over that kind of temptation....GARBAGE. I will never be over it so....what to do... never again will I leave junk food in my house during the the week. Sunday night I will bin anything I don't intend to eat Mon-Sat. PROMISE.

End of the story - I ate a large plateful and have been beating myself up ever since.

I am NOT "The Bomb" I am NOT invincible, I am a human being with weaknesses, just like everyone else. But I can make damn sure that temptation is not left in my way.

Hi my name is Dougal and I'm a Food Addict.


Adam Waters said...

I know how you feel mate! Left overs are dangerous substances! You are honest mate, and that you will propel you forward man.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Love it! You're a hoot and I concur with your statement!

Lilla said...

Oh man, I can totally relate. Been there, done that. Try not to beat yourself up - it does no good. A lesson learned. Now onward. Keep on shredding!

dougal said...

Adam, G'day mate, thanks for popping in, yup have to be real with you guys you're my family. If you don't have honesty you have no integrity.

Diane, thanks, at least I'm giving someone a laugh out there

Lilla, great comment, I'm over my self pity party and onwards and upwards I go.