Friday, January 25, 2008

M2 | Week Two | Day 4


This post is LATE.

Why....? "Rolling Black outs" or "Load Shedding" as the government calls it.

Our dear government made a monumental stuff up when they failed to act on a white paper that said we were headed for Power broblems if we did not build new power stations to take care of increased electricity 1999.

Nothing was done and the white paper has been proved right. Grid locked intersections because traffic lights are out. Businesses with no electricity, it is proving a nightmare.

Try training clients in a gym by candlelight..."Oh sorry, I dropped a 50lb weight on your big toe, I didn't see it in the dark.

If this was the USA the litigation lawyers would be rubbing their hands in glee.

So yesterday when I wanted to write this post I couldn' laptop's battery was flat.

Please bear with me everyone I will do all that I can to be on time but from time to time, posts may be late.

Just another challenge I guess.

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