Thursday, January 17, 2008

MISSION 2 | Week One | Day 3

That's the largest, type face I can find to express the most important value that I embrace.
Adam commented on my "I'm the Bomb" article by saying that "I was honest".
..I believe that this is a critical success factor in anybody's progress forward.

It starts with BRUTAL self honesty IF WE ARE TO GET ANYWHERE IN LIFE.

The definition I like most for integrity is a simple one ' thinking, talking and walking the same way'. In other words if you are talking up a storm about how great you are, but you are thinking that actually you are pretty useless and you are walking with your head down ' as if you're always looking for a quarter, then nothing is lining up.

Integrity is the only real lasting value we can place on ourselves. Money is not, possessions are not good indicators of the worth of a person, only integrity will let a stranger know what you are worth.

On a daily basis, if we set out to be better from an integrity or personal honesty viewpoint we cannot fail to be better in everything we do.

If we make an apointment with ourselves to, say...file our tax return today and we put it off, several most of us have done, what are we telling ourselves subconsciously...we are unreliable.

Honesty is the single most important word that can completely transform your life.

You start really thinking about the decisions you make, such as overpromising and underdelivering.

That throwaway thing that we do with others like....I'll call you...or we'll get together soon....when we have no intention of doing either, subconsciously erodes our own personal integrity and before we know it, we are procrastinating all over the whether you like it or not THAT IS LYING TO YOURSELF . The next step is lying to others.

So when you make that decision to be honest, stop yourself from saying ' We'll have coffee next week' if you have no intention of doing so.

Don't over commit.

That is why this 'shredder accountability' is so important, but only if I tell you that I'm going to do something, then let you know you if I fall down. After all there is only one perfect person...and he does not live on this planet.

Let your yes be yes and your no no. How's that for wonderfully simply wisdom

My training and eating are going great and I'm loving life...honest.


Rob said...


Thanks for the kind and encouraging words. I love this post…HONESTY…wow, you really got me thinking. How often I do that very thing, “I’ll call you later or “yeah, we’ll have to get together soon”, You are right, a lie is a lie, weather it’s to someone else or to ourselves and weather it’s just trying to be nice or congenial…it is what it is. I love the shredder accountability principle and the daily photos and blog deal, it’s cool to have a place where we can set goals and then be honest about our success or failure and receive honest and sincere feedback. You are doing an awesome job and I love your attitude, you too will succeed, I know. Thanks for your honesty.

dougal said...

Bud thank you so much for your comments and appreciate you popping into the site. Come back soon.

Joni said...

Hey Dougal - finally checking up on some blog posts and thought it was so great to read this one - I have many similar thoughts on my "Integrity" post that I wrote one day early in my journey. Check it out here and let me know what you think. It's funny how we all come around to many of the same conclusions and yet our jouneys take us there different ways. Glad to see you are so dedicated and making such great mental and physical progress. Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

loved your post for this day. too many times do we lie to ourselves especially when it comes to diet and exercise. maybe i should just speak for myself! It is the internal dialogue I struggle with, the one that says, it will be ok, noone will know you ate that "one thing". oh but I do! and the pics don't lie. I also like the definition of integrity. lots of good food for thought. it sure hits home! thanks.