Tuesday, June 30, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 58

The Puzzle

My life is an 84 day jigsaw puzzle.

Day 1 to 7 I put a 7 pieces on the board. Reading the modules didn't make a whole lotta sense because I am ADD and battled to focus through it all.

Day 8 added an 8th piece...started training..The modules had made sense now and the training I can do.

Day 9 added a piece to the puzzle...having already started the eating program...made sure I had it down.

So far I've 9 pieces of the puzzle put together on the board...I'm into the program in a big way but the puzzle doesn't look like a whole heck of a lot at the moment.

Fast forward to day 20....Aha, starting to look like something now. I can see little bits of the puzzle that make sense to me...+ there are only 64 pieces left.

Fast forward again to day 63....WOW OK now I can really see what's going on....I can see the shape of my body and how it's changing and more than that I can see that the balance of pieces left as opposed to pieces on the board has REALLY shifted, now I' getting excited.

Each day now is a day closer to the end of the mission and each day there is more to see on the puzzle and less on left on the table.

And aso it goes until all 84 days form a complete jigsaw puzzle of an amazing transformation. We all have this puzzle in our heads, and if we are diligent, we all, will have an amazing transformation. How can you not.

Patience is something we can all do more of and unless you hang in... the puzzle is going to make no sense.

For some of us, 84 days is not quite enough...but then this is a lifestyle so it matters not, but in the beginning, we have to KNOW that the program WE have CHOSEN to take us sprinting into the beautiful fields of green like Saraaah, with arms outstretched, embracing whatever is thrown at us, is going to take us valiantly past the finish line day by day like the puzzle.

Hang in, run the race until, you get to that certain point, where you know for sure you are winning, when that balance shifts, in your favour, but until that happens, REMEMBER.....THE PUZZLE.

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