Wednesday, April 1, 2009

M1 | Day 11

President Obama visited with the Queen of England yesterday and as custom dictates gifts were exchanged. He gave her an Ipod with an album of her last visit to the US...she gave him a beautiful framed picture of .....herself.

How exciting that must have been for him....not.

It just shows you where people's heads are. Clearly thought went into Obama's gift and some planning and organisation and finally execution. Queenies gift was probably taken from one of a hundred stacked up in the storeroom.

The reason I'm telling you this is because the pleasure Obama got from giving, I imagine, was immeasurably more than Queenie got and the reason is, Queenie is bored since she has given that same gift out a thousand times.

Bit like transformaing yourself isn't it. Well think about it....You decided you want to transform and you make the commitment. You think about how you will achieve the transformation. You search for a workable plan. You create action steps to achieve the plan. You take the steps and you end up transformed. You feel great about what you've done and along with that comes a great sense of achievment.

However like Queenie, if you just do what you've always done with very little effort, there is minimal reward.

Not really an optimal way to it.

If you always take the road less travelled you will ALWAYS get the most reward for the effort you are prepared to expend...and that makes things a lot more fun, doesn't it.

Extend that to your transformation. Give it your all...and it will give it back to you.


Carlos said...

I agree Dougal-
When you're going nowhere, any road will get you there!
Excellent theme to your post. Thinking things through.

dougal said...

Thank you my friend, I am honoured that you visit my blog.