Tuesday, April 21, 2009

M1 | Day 30

There is only one perfect person....and he does not live on this planet.

For us to succeed in transforming ourselves permanently we have to start by letting go of the perfection complex.

Which means what exactly?

Well it's that old thing that we do of starting "diets" on monday blowing them with a bad meal on wednesday evening and baling on the whole thing until monday again.

Eventually we bale on the thing altogether...."Oh this is useless, I'm not going to "diet" anymore I'm just going to let go and eat whatever I want".

6 Months and 10kgs later we are worse off than when we started.

So....we need to let go of ' perfection '. There is no such thing.

We HAVE to adopt the mindset that, if we have a bad meal, or slip with an easter egg, or steal our daughter's M&M's we ARE ONLY ONE MEAL AWAY FROM GETTING IT RIGHT again.

Don't blow your whole plan for one slip.

Make that decision TODAY, that if something goes wrong, your very next meal, will be PERFECT.


Margaret2007 said...

Amen Dougal! Well-said...

dougal said...

Hey There Margaret, thanks for popping in.