Wednesday, April 22, 2009

M1 | Day 31's all about choices

22nd April 2009 will be remembered in South Africa.....We are voting in a new president today.
Our 4th democratic election is taking place today in our young democracy and whilst we know who the Pres is going to be we need to choose to vote to not let the ruling party get a two thirds majority. If that happens our constitution remains intact.

When 23 million go to the polls on a chilly autumn morning they will have a choice to make.

Which reminds me....we all have choices to make and whilst we have made the basic take on and complete the RTP - Transformation System we will have many choices to make along the way which will make us or ......well you know the rest.

Like....going out for dinner and choosing the baked salmon or the nachos with extra chedder.
You think that's a no tip...don't go to the restaraunt starving, coz chances are you'll go the wrong way.

Choosing to skip a workout coz, you have to watch some paint dry....again another no are absolutely ehausted from a tough day at work and 3 hours at home with screaming kids....then it's easy to sink into the lazyboy...umm..girl, with a double martini and watch desperate,desperate,desperate housewives.

Choosing to not push as hard in the gym as you could....ah well I did do the workout so what if I didn't so as hard as I could...tick it off as done.

Making bad choices has effects far more reaching than just in the now. Your self image which may be shaky to start with takes a little knock and you consider yourself a little less trustworthy every time this happens.

Try to plan ahead for things that may trip you up. Think forward a little protein shake before you go out for hubby/wife and ask them to look after the have a workout to do....walk into the gym and hit a mental switch the minute you walk in the door " This is going to be the best workout ever, I am thinking about nothing else but this workout."

So there it is...success is all aboput the choices we if you'll excuse me I have the best cardio workout I've ever done, to go and do."

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