Saturday, April 25, 2009

M1 | Day 34

MILK....what about about milk?

Well first off it's a very powerful movie. Went to see it last night and came away with a reminder of some of life's greatest lessons.

If there is anobody on the planet that doesn't know what it's openly gay man opens a camera shop in the SanFransisco district of CASTRO in the late 60's and he and his young lover are harassed by local shopkeepers with the objective of running them out of town.

Doesn't quite turn out like that and Harvey Milk becomes a very powerful political figure in America....never mind a district in SF.

What really got me about this movie was firstly the dedication and commitment to a cause... I mean this guy was relentless, and I mean over a 8 year period...we are not talking 12 weeks here.

He recruited guys who he made sure were as committed as he was and as a gay rights activist became head of the most powerful gay rights movement in America. Over 30 thousand people attended his memorial service.

How..... He was unbelievably persistant...and demanded that from those around him....he did the same things day after day, to canvas locals and recruit followers tirelessly, consistently....He was unflinching in his belief of what he was other words his commitmentwas not even up for discussion, and he was a champion for his cause...He believed so much in what he was doing he sold, sold, sold it wherever he went.

He ended up a very powerful man....both inside himself and publicly....he also ended up dead but thats what sometimes happens to powerful people.

The take home for me, from this movie in terms of health and fitness was:
  1. Find a program that you believe in and are prepared to work at. (A cause)
  2. Do the things day by day that you need to do to get the job done (consistent)
  3. Do them unflinchingly and with your best effort with the right attitude and intensity, even when you don't feel like (persistance)
  4. Become a champion for the cause that you believe this case health and fitness.
My friends, these are the hallmarks of a champion...and Harvey Milk was a champion, like him or not....he was in the game, for good.

Let's also commit to getting into this game...for good, setting an example by the way look, behave and our lifestyle, and promoting health and fitness wherever we go.

DEAL or no deal...I'm in

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