Wednesday, April 8, 2009

M1 | Day 18

Nearly the end of week 3 and as we approach the easter weekend I have no fear. In years gone past I would have relished the opportunity to break out some junk food, eat lot's of chocolate, and generally make myself feel sick.

I'll get back on the bus on tuesday would be the mantra.

NOT THIS YEAR....I am so focused, so committed and so driven to succeed that nothing less than 100% will work for me.

It will be a challenge since all around me I will be hearing...have this, eat that, try this, have a bite of that, have a sip of this and so on.

Shredders all around the globe will be facing the same challenges and this is what I will be doing to sidestep the dreamstealers, wellmeaning as they may be.

Although I have my eating plan sorted this may not work as I will not necessarily be in the normal weekly routine, and going to the same places I normally do.

So...I intend to spend quite some time tomorrow planning where I will be and then organising to have the correct food available so that I do not get caught out.

Don't let your resolve and dedicated attitude be derailed by a lack of planning, and let's rather focus on what Easter is really about and not for all the tasty junk food we can smash into our faces.


Carlos said...


An impressive attitude followed through will yeild impressive results.
You are already "Transforming".

dougal said...

Thank you my friend. I sincerely appreciate your support.