Tuesday, April 7, 2009

M1 | Day 17

TIME.....something over which we have no control...not in this dimension anyway and I wanted to illustrate how patience and time go hand in hand since a lot of us are impatient to witness magnificent results as quickly as possible. Often times we don't have the patience to trust, and we end up sabotaging our efforts.

When I became a professional in the Health and Fitness industry some nine years ago I had achieved a measure of success in the South African Body-for-LIFE competition and it had such a profound effect on my life that I left my corporate business behind took a huge leap of faith into training full time. I had such a desire to help people get fit and healthy that I wanted to do that for the rest of my life.

I'll never forget, as I started off, I had a phone call from someone who had seen my picture in a magazine and said to me " This body-for-LIFE thing.....I want one."

I went around to his house and chatted to he and his wife. We discussed goals and time frames and they decided they wanted to enter the international BFL competition.

So we started...7 weeks later after training hard and eating well he was doing great and his wife was about to quit. Nothing had happened, I mean nothing. No weight loss, no fat loss nothing.

Now I KNEW that the BFL program worked...if it worked for thousands before, why would it not work for her.

I was very new at this and really had no answers for her...all I knew to calm her down was that the BFL program was a 12 week program and I managed...fortunately...to convince her to complete the program with no changes. ( I know now that sometimes when your metabolism doesn't trust you because of years of bad eating it takes a long time of healthy regular eating with minimal results before your metabolism says, OK I trust you, let's get rid of this lard)

In week 8, she dropped 2 dress sizes and by the end of week 12 her results were extraordinary...so much so that she one night at midnight she got that memorable phone call from Porter Freeman from BFL headquarters in Colorado....

Manfred and Ashna, this is Porter Freeman from Body-for-LIFE in the US....I wanted to call you personally in South Africa to tell you that you have placed 2nd runner up in the couples category in the international BFL competition.

I got the follow up phone call which awoke me from a deep sleep at 1am and heard an hysterical female screaming down the phone. I thought a murder had been commited. WE WON WE WON WE WON.

Point is, if you take on a transformation program like RTP - TS, you owe it to yourself and the producer Adam Waters to see it through. It is absolutely pointless to pay for it, and give up half way through or earlier. Your spirit will take such a knock you'll struggle to complete anything thereafter.

I know enough about this program to give you my personal guarantee. If you do the program with all your heart and soul exactly as it is laid out and you don't achieve staggering results I will personally refund the money you paid Adam for the program.

Finally if you don't believe my story about Manfred and Ashna follow the link and take a look at their competition entry pictures.



Adam Waters said...

Hi Dougal, wow mate! I am speechless, not just at your amazing guarantee (off the charts mate!) but also from the amazing results you helped Manfred and Ashna get on BFL, placing 2nd in their competition is a massive achievement.

You are a warrior mate, and I know you are destined to produce amazing results on RTP and publish a true grit account of your journey of redemption that will inspire many many people in the near future.

Shred on bro,

dougal said...

Adam, thanks mate, I was very proud of them. Porter Freeman actually came to South Africa for the SA awards ceremony where I was given my champions jacket...one of 5 in South Africa.