Monday, April 20, 2009

M1 | Day 29

For some reason my compliance sheet takes an absolute age to down load as opposed to the pic so in future I'm going to leave it out. I am still filling it in of course and if anybody wants to see it I'll be happy to make it available. I'll score my compliance on this blog and my shreddersphere blog going forward. To date my compliance is 100%

I came across an interesting scenario this morning whilst training a young female client.

She's been with me a week or so and we have been doing upper body one day and lower body 2 days later. Rep range 10-15.

She said to me today that friends of hers say she should be doing very high reps with little weights coz she's a girl and she shouldn't be pushing heavy weight.

Excuse me.....

Obviously I told her very diplomatically that she was paying me the money to get her into shape and not her friends so perhaps she should not be listening to her friends, none of which as far as I know are certified personal trainers or in particularly good shape.

Now this is not a unique scenario.....I think all of us at some stage have been told by someone in the gym that we're doing the wrong thing....notwithstanding that the person doing the telling looks as if they just finished the afternoon shift at milky lane.

Point have a world class program designed by three of the best on the planet...don't get sideswiped by people who have no clue what they're talking about.

Say thanks very much....and do the next set. Later perhaps you can drop a hint to them like
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Dreamstealers abound...some well meaning, some trying to derail you. The tall poppy syndrome...gently move away from them and keep walking the path your are on....It IS THE RIGHT PATH.

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