Sunday, April 26, 2009

M1 | Day 35

The South African elections are done. Free and Fair...yes....results...The ruling ANC did NOT attain a two thirds majority.

Pheeeeeewww! Thank goodness for that. All that remains is for Jacob Zuma to decide which 1st lady he is going to introduce to the world.
(thank you Cindi) least our sacred constitution cannot be tamepered with by grubby little hands wanting to change things to protect themselves.

Vent's a rest day today and I need it.
I have trained very hard this week...and at least one of my training days left track marks in the road tarmac the way I had to drag
myself to gym.

Please explain this to me someone. Yesterday right outside the door of one of the gym's I train at in a non parking area, blocking traffic, stood a shiny new, ice white convertible Aston Martin.. Well we don't all ride donkey carts to work in deepest darkest Africa you know.

Now, apart from the absolute arrogance of the owner, why would someone who is, presumably at gym to get fit and healthy, not park in a large empty parking area 50mtrs away from the front door and walk. Go figure.

Oh and while I'm on my soap box my other pet peeve is people who park in disabled parking bays. I get so irritated that I have gone up to a perfectly able bodied person before as he was was getting out of his car and told him that if he doesn't move it I'll give him a reason to park there. Since I am 6ft and weigh 220lbs, they usually don't argue with me.

Oh and also those " Reserved Staff parking" signs, I mean where are the upbeat and outgoing staff supposed to park.

And, "Disabled toilets" in gyms....why would they put a toilet in a gym that wasn't working...I mean really.

Have a really fun rest day...Till Tomorrow.

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