Friday, May 1, 2009

M1 | Day 40

The RTP - TS international transformation competition is almost upon us.

This, folks, is a world first.

Nothing like this has EVER been done before. All of you are in the absolutely unique position of watching history being made whilst being part of it. What a thought.

We will all be observed from places we never thought of. Yahoo, other online press, people we don't know, our families.

The Body-for-LIFE challenge was the biggest thing in its day....but This is huge...and absolutely unique.

Now, you all entered this competition because......that's it, because you believe you can win.

The incredible thing is, win or lose, you come out on top. You lose the competition you end up with a great body +++++ a plan for the rest of your life.

You win.....well, I reckon the world will be your oyster...there will be so many opportunities for you...if you want them.

Thing is....are you ready....Are you sure you know what's required of you. Have you organised yourself so that come monday you can hit the ground running. Planning is paramount and that can be the difference between win or lose.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can ramp up as you go along, it won't work. Hit the ground running and you stand a much better chance.

You can never predict what's going to happen if your goal is to win, what you can predict is 100% compliance every single day, coz if you don't you will get beat, There are 100 guys out there who will use that as their criteria to win.

Belief, persistance, patience, intensity, and 100% compliance. Make those your daily action steps and YOU could be the one, jetting off to New York in 3 months time.

That's all you have 84 days

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