Tuesday, May 5, 2009

M1 | Day 44 and CONTEST | Day 2


This is the easy part....The adrenalin is running like mercury down a bowling alley, the attitude is as positive as a self help book, the training is as focussed as a professional hitman's beady eye down the scope of his killing thingy...what's it called...oh yes, a gun, sorry a rifle.

I've done my training, I've done my planning, my visualising, my eating and so far I'm batting 100%.

I am on top of the world.

But....there is going to come a time when I'm not such hot stuff and that's when my PRW's come in to save me and my daily pics to help me understand that progress is not like an express train, it's more like a race between a snail and a tortoise.

I've just had coffee, a small espresso, with a young friend of mine...., and he is very frustrated because he is not achieving his goals. well it does speed up the metabolism OK...OK

I asked him about them and he told me specifically about three of them. The deadline for the first is June 14th, and the other two are for the end of the year.

My obvious question was..."How do you know you are not achieving them if the end date has not yet arrived." "Hmmmm.....Ok but I feel frustrated that things aren't happenening."

From here there are two things you can do....More, or do as you are doing. As long as you are taking the action steps to get you going forward every day and have an unalterable belief, you have to keep moving until the deadline passes. Only then can you know whether you have achieved your goal or not.

It's a lot like what we are doing here. Some of you will have no point of reference as to what your progress should be, so how will you know if you are moving forward.

If you have planned your eating meticulously you WILL be moving forward. Your clothes, the mirror, and your body fat will tell you...THE SCALE WILL NOT.

If after two weeks you have lost 2lbs of fat and build 2lbs of muscle what will your weight be?

THE SAME as two weeks ago, Agghhhhhh!

This is not the time to look for a tall building.
..find some calipers and measure your body fat...That in relation to your weight will then give the the REAL picture.

Some people with some knowledge will be losing to much too soon and will end up losing muscle mass rather than fat....the last thing you want . Slowly slowly catchy monkey....actually that's a terrible analogy, but you know what I mean.

The slower you do this the longer it will stay off.

TRUST YOUR PLAN at least you have one....Most people trying to do this on their own don't... and end up being thin, fat people. Great in clothes, not so great on the beach.

This is 84 days of positive energy...enjoy it, get inside it, embrace it, live it, and most of all LOVE IT...


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