Friday, May 8, 2009

M1 | Day 47 and CONTEST | Day 5


and no I'm not on juice......

Glided, or is it glid into to gym today with the intention of having my best workout ever.....10 minutes on the stationary bike, warm up set of laterals....can't do shoulder get the blood flowing and into action.

Crancked up the myself nice and agressive and worked my way through the routine. Crushed it, absolutely crushed it....

Got to leg press...can't do barbell squats either...(broken neck remember), and loaded the machine. The biggest plates there are......

Lay down and crushed my off the machine and moved over to the other side of the gym to do lunges, them I can do.

Suddenly it dawned on only did two sets, you were supposed to do three.

Now, since I am a man of integrity I have to be honest. For a fleeting moment....and I do mean fleeting, I toyed with the notion of giving it a miss....Can't hurt can it?.....I mean can it?

Well, actually it can and it does. It's not so much the missing of the set but it's about what it does to you.

Firstly, I'm fudging my compliance, secondly is this going to help me to be the best I can be, thirdly what does this do to my self image, fourthly I will know what I've done, fifthly it's little seemingly insignificant things like this that chip away at the fibre of your character.

My philosophy....actually it's not mine it's Carlos', of going beyond, gets left in the dust if you are going to start doing that...What's next...oh well does it matter if I don't do this set so hard...I'm a bit tired.

Then.....oh I don't think I'll train today, because I'm sad that my team lost at rugby today (they didn't but you get my point) and so down the slippery slope until your are gone and it's game over.

And that takes me to eating.. A world class trainer Alwyn Cosgrove tells the story of having given the client an eating plan and the client coming back saying...I've changed some minor things on the plan will it still work. Alwyn he would...I don't know it's not my plan anymore.

Point of all this is.....Until you know what you are doing in the gym and the kitchen, be brutally honest with yourselfand do what you have to do WITH INTENSITY, and's easy to make minor changes that have major repurcussions over time, but it's the worst thing you can do...for you.

And yes.....I did go right back and do the last set with brutal force.

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