Wednesday, May 27, 2009

M1 | Day 66 and CONTEST | Day 24

Wow, what just happened here....who is this guy?

The RTP - transformation system by Adam Waters is what happened and who is he?

I can understand someone happening onto Adam's program via Google or youtube or one of the social networking sites or, or,or and asking the question, but for an awful lot of us we have seen this coming for some time.

For me it is real interesting to have been able to observe first hand the progress, the latter part anyway of this work in progress. As Adam himself says, he's not done yet.

Here is an ordinary guy, who has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and become extraordinary.

What he has done is proof absolute how you become successful by giving to others.

Through his own efforts, initially with no thought of personal gain he has firstly ' taken ' back his life by force and secondly turned the methodology of that victory into a world class business.

Here is a guy that stood up and said ' enough is enough ' and refused to accept second best. He with huge courage made public his personal transformation and dragged hundreds of us kicking and screaming along with him.

I predict that the guy will become a leader in the health and fitness industry and will be travelling globally to address health and fitness conferences all over the planet very soon.

Having said all that, here is what I believe to be the interesting part. Listen up.
This planet is in tatters....and we have made it so.

Corporate obesity caused by individually overbloated executives.....greedy public servants with no regard for the public they serve and the encouragement of general anarchy on a global scale has taken us to a place from which a whole lot of people will never return.

I have been on this planet a long time and I have never seen mass ' shoulder drooping resignation ' for the situation we find ourselves in like this ever before. 1929, phaa....nothing compared to where we are now.

How do we re do we find our way back, ploughing through the treacle of uncertainty, in the dark.

Health and fitness is how. It starts with US. How we think about ourselves. Health and fitness plays a huge part in the phsycological well being of the planet. Collective positiveness is a start.

There are thousands of 'guru's' on the net telling us how to get healthy.. for personal gain, but only a handful of people really dedicated to helping others through walking ' the road less travelled'.

Those that have REALLY struggled to find out who they are and how they get to where they are supposed to be.

Adam Waters is one of those...the real deal and I reckon that without laying it on too thick, he will single handedly play an enormous part in kick starting the global recovery

Before you splutter into your coffee and wonder if I've gone nuts think about what that would take.

Make no mistake the RTP transformation system is already a big hit and the power of networking on the internet is going to make it a giant. What does that mean. It means that hundreds of thousands of lost people, if not millions are going to be using this system to reclaim their own lives

Who would argue the possibility of a high percentage of those being major decision makers in business, industry, government etc etc.....c'mon, who's to say?

This is a 'complete' transformation system that WILL change your life and the world along the way... because the principals and values we all should live by are contained inside the box it comes in.

You don't just do what he has done over 8 years with an ' oh that looks cool, let's give it a shot'.

The way the program works is the way the world should work. Business, government, industry should all take heed of the principles he lives by and the commitment he believes in and we would not be in this mess....but we are so......let's ALL work one by one, together to make it right.

Adam started out just wanting to find himself. Committing to change by taking massive action and in the process he is changing the world. he didn't see that coming.

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